Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Henry Stats

I have been quite the blog slacker lately. I guess that's what happens when you go back to work! Henry has been learning and growing at an alarming rate. So here is the latest on baby Henry :)

At his 6 month check up (he is about 7 1/2 months now):
Weight: 17 lbs 4 oz
Height: 28 in.

Rolls back to belly and belly to back no problemo!
Pushes up to hands and knees.
Pushes back from hands and knees to sitting position.
Can pull up to knees if there is something to hold on to.
Can pull up to standing with little assistance.
Scoots backwards, pulls self forward a bit, can crawl forward a few "steps."
(Gulp! My baby is crawling!!!! )

Takes two naps a day, anywhere from an hour to three hours a piece.
Sleeps about 12 hours a night.
Still has a few crazy nights where something will wake him up and he won't go back to sleep for hours. Those are few and far between these days thankfully!

Henry now eats three meals a day!!! I never thought this day would come. He spent so long pursing his lips and refusing to eat so I am thrilled that he is actually opening his mouth and enjoying his meals now :) He LOVES all fruit and sweet potato and corn. He had tried a few puffs and bites of bread with little success. That's ok :)

This kid is a crack up! He shakes his head like he is saying no. Seven and a half months old and he is already telling me no! He has recently discovered his index finger and uses it for everything. He looks like a baby ET pointing at everything! He also can pinch things between his pointer finger and thumb. He is still working on this skill :) Henry is also EXTREMELY vocal. He has this high pitched screech when he is happy and excited, it is adorable! He also has the m, d, b, and g sounds down pretty good too. He is actually starting to "play" a bit more now too. Where before he would just chew on things, he now bangs on things and pushes things to make them go. He loves things that make noise and light up. When I read him his story before he goes to bed at night, he stares at my mouth and LOVES listening to rhyming words. One of his favorites at this time is "Stand back said the Elephant, I'm going to sneeze!" I know it sounds strange to say, but I feel like he really enjoys his stories :) James and I are both very excited that it seems like Henry will be ready for Disneyland soon. Meaning, he LOVES being thrown up in the air, falling down on the bed, being swung back and forth, the kid is a regular daredevil. Henry smiles, laughs, talks, squeals, etc when is happy and when he is cranky or upset, boy does he let you know it! He does this cute little grunt, sticks his chin out and clenches his teeth. Then if he is sad, he will stick out his bottom lip and gets the saddest little puppy dog look I have ever seen. I foresee him uses this to get things out of me in the very near future... I am in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Of course, Henry NEVER does any of this stuff as soon as he sees the camera or the flipcam. It's a little sad for me. That is why I am writing it all down now. I want to remember every look, every like, every dislike, every detail of this amazing little person :) Here are a few pictures I have taken recently.

His favorite part of his race track is the flags on the back. he literally crawls over it to get to them!
Sharp dressed man!

Henry and daddy watching football.
Play time :)
Looks like he might know what he is doing with that hammer huh?
My little Chandler :)

Hi sweet boy!

Super Baby!!!

I hope on my next blog to actually have some video of Henry crawling... if he cooperates! :)

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Anabelle said...

Crawling already? Good for Henry, not so good for you.
I'm sure Henry DOES love listening to you ready, he spent the first 9 months listening to you read everyday. :) He's one smart cookie!