Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spring pictures

A while back, I asked my friend Meridy to take some pics of me and the kids. I wanted to give them to James as a surprise for Father's day so I haven't posted them until now. Henry is getting a whole lot better at taking pictures but Spencer is still well into her stranger anxiety so she had a rough time taking pictures this time around. Meridy had her work cut out for her but as usual, I got some great pics :)

 I wanted some pics of just the two kids but it was hard to do. I asked baby to give Henry a kiss...

 He thought it was hilarious… 

 And Spencer knocked him over! 

 So then Henry gave Spencer a kiss… 

 She wasn't having it… 

 And again, pushed him over! We may have a little bully on our hands ;) 

Trying to get baby to run to him… she was over it by now! Thankfully we already got some cute pictures ;) 

I can't believe how big they are both getting! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Beach vacation 2015

Since my parents got their house over in San Diego, we have been super excited to go back. We love the beach and now that there is a place to stay that is so close, we were raring to go! We decided to go early in June because: 1. I LOVE the cool temps of the June gloom and 2. That was the time that both my mom and my sister Emily would be there. It's just more fun with more people :)  I was not looking forward to the drive over as the last trip with Spencer was pretty miserable. I had high hopes that since she was bigger, she would be better. She handled the trip over much better this time… as long as Frozen was on! All in all, it was a great trip! 

First stop, Chili Pepper, of course! 

 After our dinner of Jeff's burgers, we headed down to the beach for a quick walk. As soon as Spencer saw the beach she let out a huge gasp! She was so excited to be there! She kept saying, beach, ocean, birds! Over and over :) 

 Nana chasing baby down the beach. 

 Look at baby's face, she doesn't even want to sit still for a picture! 

 Spencer took turns with everyone, dragging everyone into the freezing ocean! 

Sunday we decided to take the kids to Balboa Park. There are lots of fun things to see there and the kids love the carousel. 

Henry and I in front of the super old tree. 

 Spencer was so excited to get on her horse! 

Henry was equally excited to get on his bird, whom he named Kevin. 

 Nana and Auntie along for the ride. 

 Baby was so sad that she had to get off her horse that she started crying and James had to immediately go buy more tickets so we could go around again :) 

 Henry and Kevin

 Back at the Turtle house for some pool time. 

 And hot tub time (because the pool was still a bit chilly!)

 Monday was Seaport Village day. Again the kids love the sights, pretty cool boats and of course, the carousel!

Spencer chose a donkey this time. 

 She was fascinated by how it worked. 

 Henry chose his dragon. 

Everyone else ditched us on the fountain pic this year

 We did have some real lunch but the best part is always the Ben and Jerry's ice cream! 

 Baby loved it! I got just one cone for the kids to share because they are huge but the kids did not want to share. 

 Next time they can have their own! 

 Round two! She's a bit excited :) 

 This time Spencer chose a horse that actually went up and down (she had never been on one before) and she loved it! 

 We swam at the beach in the afternoon and Henry froze in the ocean. He had a blast but afterwards he was so cold! 

Tuesday morning there was low tide at Shell beach so we went on a shell hunt! 

Henry and nana had fun looking for crabs.  

Spencer wanted to climb on all the rocks. 

 That afternoon we had a girls' date at Extraordinary Desserts, yum! 

 And more swimming :) 

 Wednesday we walked down to the pier, 

 Hung out in the hot tub, 

 And went out for our anniversary :) 


Thursday morning we took the ferry over to Coronado island. I hate boats but Henry REALLY wanted to go on a boat so I swallowed some Dramamine and went to it! 

On the boat, I was fine now because it wasn't moving ;) 

 Quick take a picture before it starts moving! 

Luckily Auntie was there to hang on to Henry for me! 

 That afternoon we went for a drive through the mountains. Henry was a little freaked out by all the fog.

 My mom took Henry to the Krispy Kreme and he thought it was the best thing ever! He had to take me so he could show me how donuts were made ;) 

 Henry found a way to keep himself occupied during baby's nap time :) 

 Henry-in-the-box :)

 We took my mom out for her birthday and all Spencer wanted to eat was a lemon! 

The rest of the trip we had fun just revisiting the beach, the pool, the hot tub, eating fun meals, hanging out with nana and auntie, just relaxing and having fun. The drive back was pretty smooth too. While I was not too jazzed to be back in the 100 degree heat, the kids were happy to be home :) 

Ahhh! Home :) 

 Spencer missed Daisy

Now that we were home, I had to get cracking on Father's day. Usually James tells me exactly what brand and type of tool he wants and I go get it. This year he said he didn't need anything so I was on my own. I wanted to do something silly and fun with the kids so I looked on Pinterest and found a fun Star Wars kit I could make for James. Henry was super excited to help :) 

How fun is this?! 

 I also had some pictures printed and did some footprints of the kids with a cute poem I found. Finished it all off with a few fun t-shirts and… 

Boom! Father's day present :)  

 Ending off with some random fun stuff from the last few days.

Best buddies :) Oh man, I love them! 

 Sprinkler fun with daddy. 

 Father's day at my parents and all the kids took over the big table :) 

 One day, Spencer decided to put herself in time out. I asked her why she was sitting in time out and she said, no listen, time out! Too smart for her own good. 

 Looking and smiling!! Score :) 

I am having so much fun being home with my babies :)