Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cutest laugh EVER!!!

Henry has THE best laugh in the world! Tonight, he was laughing the hardest and the funniest I have ever heard! I am so glad James was able to capture it because it is awesome :) Please enjoy my adorable baby laugh.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Playdate, Bunchkin style

After Henry saw what a fun place the Bunch casa is after we were there for their birthday party, he decided he wanted to go back for a playdate with these awesome triplets!

Here's Colton showing Henry the ropes.
And sharing his toys :) Colton was trying to help Henry look through the magnifying glass, so cute!
Henry was a bit in awe of these three big kids.
Hunter showing Henry how to stack blocks.
And here comes the favorite game of the day... "Let's put stuff on Henry's head!" See the beanbag in Colton's hand?
Here Henry, let me just put this on your head!
Ta-da!!! Look how proud Colton is :)
Oh my gosh! That dog is a LOT bigger than Daisy!
Henry and Ami. I love that Henry shares ;)
Whatcha got there?
Wow! That's a lot more teeth that I have! (We are hoping he grows up to be a dentist!)
Let me outside please!

Thanks for having me over to play Colton, Hunter and Ethan! I had a BUNCH of fun :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video updates

I know you were all waiting on pins and needles for my latest videos ;) Here are a few of my favs. Henry is so cute and precious and adorable and is forever doing something I want to capture. But the SECOND I grab the Flipcam... he stops. It is really frustrating! So it took me days to get some of his cuteness on film. Enjoy!

This first video is of Henry growling. When he gets upset or sometimes just wants to be funny, he growls! He'll also growl if we growl at him. I think it is just hilarious!

This next one is of Henry finally figuring out how to move his feet. He has been awesome at pulling himself up and moving along furniture with his hands. But he hadn't quite figured out that he could move his feet too. Well I think I am in trouble now, because he has figured it out! I love that he walks on his tippy toes :)

And last, Henry taking a bath! We have this giant duck that Henry takes his baths in now that he is too big for the sink :( He was really afraid of it at first, but now he loves it! James is convinced that Henry is actually saying the word duck here but I'm skeptical. You be the judge!

I have a million more videos I could post, but I think this will do for now :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring break

Ahhh Spring break! A time for rest, relaxation, and fun :) Well, I have been getting a TON of that last one! Henry has been a busy, busy boy! Here are some of Henry's adventures from the last few weeks.

Rewind to Rodeo weekend, I somehow forgot to post these pics. Here is Henry is his cute cowboy outfit. He was not really cooperating so this is the only good pic I got.
My friend Victoria came back to Tucson for the weekend. Victoria, Jenn, Aimee and I have been friends since college. It was fun to get together with all of them again. And now there are three babies to add to the group! Here is Tyler (Victoria's boy) Henry and Katie (Jenn's little girl).
Henry was very interested in the babies.
Three babies are so fun! (Right Ami?)
College group plus babies!
Hmmm who is next in line for mommy-hood here????
This next group of pictures is just cuz I think Henry is adorable when he is covered in food ;)
He is practicing using a spoon.
Right now he just thinks it's a toy.
And apparently it is hilarious!
He's just so happy :)
A very nice parent gave me a gift card to get a pedicure and who am I to turn down a gift?! Just in time for flip-flop weather, mama got a pedicure! Henry was absolutely enthralled with my newly painted toes. It may have been because they were bright pink or because I got a little white flower on my big toe but whatever it was, he loved it! He chased me around the house trying to get my toes :)
Henry has finally outgrown his baby car seat which means he needs a new stroller. Mama had to put it together before we could go on a walk an Henry wanted to help.
Yay! Ready to go for a walk :)
I thought it might be fun to take Henry to the park for a bit one day. He looks so cute, even though he looks a bit like an old man with his shorts all hiked up and his belly sticking out ;)
Here's Henry and daddy sitting on a park bench. It was pretty much the only thing for a baby to do at the park, who knew? Notice Henry pointing at the camera? He does this ALL. THE. TIME. He points at everything. We call him out little ET ;)

Mama and Henry, pointing again, he is so cute!

Trying to get a kiss and of course, he is resisting. Typical little boy.

The day before spring break, we had out carnival at school. Henry stopped by for a bit and we got him a balloon. I have no pictures of that. But he liked the balloon so much that I decided Henry needed a ball... a big one. A big, blue, ball. (Please laugh, I did!) Here is Henry playing with his new ball. I think he looks like a baby elephant, it reminds me of Dumbo :)

I am trying to get as much work done the first week of break so that I can MAYBE relax a bit the second week. So I have been cleaning, cooking, baking, doing laundry, etc... Henry likes to help. Here he is "helping" me cook dinner. He discovered the tupperware cabinet a while back but now he has figured out that is he throws all the stuff on the floor, it makes LOTS of noise and it totally fun :)

Henry is helping me do laundry here.
Yay! Socks!
Henry got to go to his first birthday party! Here are the birthday kids, Colton, Hunter and Ethan blowing out their two candles.
Me and Henry at the party.
Henry loves to be outside and he loves to be thrown up in the air. Here we are combining his two loves. Can you see the giant smile on his face?
Weeee! This is fun daddy!
Next post... videos! You know you're excited :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy birthday daddy!

Today is James's 32nd birthday. I wanted to make his first birthday as a dad a special and memorable one. James really enjoys surprises (I totally do NOT) so I set out to surprise him with a few little things. First on the agenda, dinner. I had roped grandma and auntie Lizzie into babysitting for us so James and I could go out to dinner Saturday night. I enlisted my dad's help with picking the restaurant. James LOVES steak and if you know me, you know that I don't eat red meat. So I had NO clue where to go to get a good steak. Luckily for me, my dad knew the place to go, McMahon's. Since James wanted a surprise, I did not tell him where we going and I even blindfolded him on the drive over! It was very fun for me ;) When we go there, I had James guess where we were... he got it on the first guess! Damn! I guess I gave him too many good clues... next time, I going to drive in circles and not say a word! Anyway, McMahon's was amazing! We had a nice cozy table and there was a fantastic pianist playing, it was perfect! Plus, I think the food was pretty incredible too. Thanks grandpa for the recommendation! Next up, the cake. James had to work on his birthday, he almost always does. I guess people want to read the paper every day. So I waited until James went to work and then I started the cake. It was just a box mix german chocolate cake with that crazy coconut topping but I think it turned out pretty good. When it was finished, Henry and I packed up and headed to the Tucson newspapers. We got to see daddy at work and all the guys at work were happy to see a cake too! Finally, I had to work on Henry's present to daddy. Again, people who know me can tell you, I am NOT a crafty person... at ALL! In fact, I think I may break out in hives any time I even approach Michael's. However, just because I don't like crafts doesn't mean that Henry and James should miss out on crafts too! So far, I've done a cement mold of Henry's feet for James for Father's day and a little feet Christmas tree for James for Christmas. Now I had to think of something for his birthday. I think I was running on empty at this point and I was a bit short on time. All I came up with was, get some finger paints and let Henry go to town! I think the end product turned out cute but the process was exhausting! This was the only part of any of my surprises that I actually got pictures of, so check it out!

Here's Henry experimenting with colors.

And here's Henry getting bored and crawling away!

What am I supposed to be doing again?

Grabbing the camera with my paint-covered fingers? Yes!

Henry enjoyed painting so much that he painted himself and the floor as well!

While mom's busy snapping pics, I'll just suck on my paint-covered thumb, yummy!

Mama, why did you just freak out and pull my thumb out of my mouth? The paint says non-toxic, jeez!

I, of course, had to re-check the box to be sure it was non-toxic and check out what else I saw... Yep, that says for ages 3 and up! No wonder we had such a hard time! ;)

Here is the finished product. Looks a bit like Jackson Pollock if you ask me! Perhaps I have a future artist on my hands ;)
All in all, a pretty successful birthday full of surprises for daddy. I hope you had a great birthday James! Henry and I love you!!! :)

This next bit has nothing to do with James birthday but it all happened on the same day so I thought I'd include it anyway. I thought I'd try one of my mom's recipes while she was in town so she could show me the ropes. It was something easy... or so I thought, bean soup and homemade bread. This was a meal I'd seen my mom and my grandma make a million times and I thought it was time I tried it for myself. Well, it certainly wasn't easy and really, nothing is easy with a nine month old! My mom got me started and then went to help Liz find a new apartment. I was on my own with a new recipe to try out and a baby to watch. So while I was busy cooking away in the kitchen, my little helper was never far away, playing in the cabinets, banging on the trash cans, climbing in the refrigerator...

Hey mama, can I have some orange juice?
After I pulled him out of here, he was not too happy with me. He pouted for a while, very loudly and then it got quiet... too quiet. All of a sudden, I hear BANG! Oh crap, he fell! Nope, he was busy doing this...

Busily removing all our DVDs off the shelves, nice!

Oh, hi mama, I was just re-organizing for you ;) Oh and check out his pant leg, yep that's flour from when he was helping me make bread!

Ta-da! Home-made bread! I did it! Looks good, right? Wrong! I messed something up cuz it was all doughy inside. Whoops! Oh well, at least I tried!

At least things weren't a total wash, the beans turned out pretty good! I had some tortillas thankfully as a back-up so dinner was saved :)

Whew! This weekend was exhausting! Crafts and surprises for daddy's birthday plus some extra cooking and baking. Thankfully after this week it is... SPRING BREAK!!!! Whoo-hoo!