Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been so bad at blogging lately, my bad! Since work started I am finding that I have zero time anymore! So instead of sleeping, I am blogging... good choice, probably not. If I am grumpy tomorrow, we all know why!

This weekend, we finally took baby Henry swimming! I've been wanting to take him for a while now but I wasn't sure how he'd like it. Remember how much he liked the ocean?? Well the pool must have been loads warmer than the ocean because it turns out he really enjoyed it! Yippee!!! :) Here are some pics from his adventure in our pool.

Getting ready with daddy. Like Henry's swim trunks? Thanks Amy!! :)
Wait, you're going to put me in where?!?
Hmmm this ain't too shabby!

Hey, I kinda like this daddy!

Mommy, this reminds me of you!

Hi mama!

I was just soooo glad he liked it and was not screaming!

Look out Michael Phelps!

I love this little guy!!

See Daisy in the background? Don't worry, she is not at all jealous. She HATES swimming! I think she is glad we found someone else to take swimming!

Friday, July 9, 2010

My girls

I did a post earlier about how much I appreciate my mom and all she has done for me. There are two other people in my life that deserve some recognition. My two little sisters, Emily and Erin (Lizzie). They have been AMAZING! Since the day Henry was born, they have been here to help me with whatever I need. One sister at a time, here are my thanks:

Emily -
Emily has been an enormous help! Emily has even gone so far as to move in with me to help me take care of Henry. I know it was not easy for her, or my mom, and I just want her to know how much I appreciate all her help! She gets up in the morning so I can sleep, she holds him when I get too tired of bouncing him, she sings Abba to him, even though she HATES it! Emily will be watching Henry when I go back to work :*( and I am so happy to know that he will be in good hands! Thank you Emily!!!

Emily and Henry at the hospital.
Emily feeding a hungry, hungry Henry ;)
Lizzie -
Lizzie has a full-time job at a daycare where see takes care of babies. After a full day of work, she comes right over to my house and helps me take care of Henry. Even though she is tired and has listened to crying babies all day, she still comes over and spends time helping me. She has brought me food, gone shopping for me, and even helped me make a father's day present for James. She is holding him right now so I can blog! She was the first one who made Henry smile by playing peek-a-boo with him! Thank you Lizzie!!!

Liz and Henry at the hospital.
Liz holding Henry during his milk nap.
My sisters are awesome! I am so lucky that they are both so close and get to spend so much time with me and Henry.

Henry is thinking, what would we do without my awesome aunties?!
We are blessed! Thank you girls, we love you!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Henry is getting to the age where he actually does stuff! At first, all he did was eat, pee, poop, and CRY! Now he plays, smiles, coos and "talks." He likes to play in his bouncer, he likes to talk with the animals on his mobile, he likes to lay on the floor and play with daddy, he likes to watch his rattle. He LOVES to be sung to and LOVES to dance! But Henry's absolute favorite thing to do (and mommy's favorite too since it involves no physical activity on my part!) is NAKED TIME! He LOVES to lay on his changing table and gets SO happy the second his diaper is undone! I've tried to actually get on video how he goes from screaming to happy in 2.5 seconds but alas, when there is a screaming baby, your mind doesn't always work correctly! What I do have are pictures! Lots of pictures of Henry in his happy place being naked and happy :)

Henry has the cutest smile.... however, I can never seem to get his cute smile on camera. He's kinda like Chandler ;) So here are my attempts at getting him to smile :)

I love this one!
Henry being goofy.
Late night giggles.
He turned at the last second and I got his chubby cheek instead! Still cute :)