Saturday, August 31, 2013

Belly pics and random Henry cuteness

I'm not sure when the last time I posted a bely pic was but it must have been a while ago. Here is a current belly pic. I am about 34 weeks here. I still have about 6 weeks to go but it feels like I'm about to pop any day now. I've already gained about 30 pounds which is on track for what I gained with Henry.  So far, everything is going really well with this pregnancy. Not sure if it is because I am too busy to notice or if it is because I know more know about what is happening and what it should feel like. Maybe a bit of both? I am trying to hold on to this pregnancy as long as I can since I know it will be my last. I love feeling the baby move. She is quite a little gymnast already! She is up from about 9:00 at night until around midnight. I am sure she is up during the day too but again, I may be too busy to notice. But at night, I sit and hold on to my stomach and just enjoy the feelings. She also gets the hiccups at least once a day. It is adorable! Henry even got to feel it the other day and he laughed the whole time :) 

34 weeks 

 Big, white belly

 Henry loves his baby sister! 

 He talks to her all the time, it is seriously the cutest thing EVER! :) 

James called me one day on his way home from work to ask if we needed anything. Henry gets on the phone and tells James that we NEED a pineapple! Totally out of no where since we never get pineapple and I am not a big fan of it. Being the good daddy he is, James went ahead and got Henry a pineapple. Henry was so excited! It really is the little things that make his day :) 

Cheesy smile with his pineapple. 


Mary's little girl Brinley had a party to celebrate her second birthday. Henry had a blast with all the water toys and kids :) 

Henry and Reese. 

 He was trying to catch bubbles with a butterfly net. 

 Having fun with his friends... 

 And alone ;) 

Now at this point at the party, all the other kids decided it was time for lunch. I tried to get Henry to follow but he had other plans. Now he could play with everything without having to share! Typical only child... for now! 

After dragging Henry away to eat and get dressed, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Brinley! 

 Brinley was not so happy with our singing. 

 Seriously, look at that lip sticking out! You are in trouble Mary!!! 

 Henry very much enjoyed the blue frosting! 

Henry tried jumping on the trampoline while shoe-less and found it a bit too hot for his liking. So when he got dressed again, he tried it out with shoes and LOVED it! He has a little trampoline at home but this was way bigger and more fun :) 

 Kind of hard to see here but Henry is sitting in the middle of the trampoline and the other kids are running circles around him. He had a ball! 

 Here is out attempt at a group shot. Henry is in the front left. I can't even begin to try to label everyone else! 

Henry loves playing with blocks. His favorite thing, of course, is knocking them down! 

A huge castle James helped Henry create.  

 Then Henry knocked it down flat! 

Sometimes things happen during the day while I'm at work and I don't always have time to find out about them until I look through my pictures. Here is one of those pictures. I have NO idea what this is all about but it sure is cute! 

Henry was rummaging about in some random drawers and found a baseball. He INSISTED that we put on his Diamondbacks baseball hat, go outside and play baseball! Then he demanded that I take pictures of him too! Bossy thing he is but I couldn't say no to any of it. 


 And a hit! 

Henry got tired of the Tee pretty quickly and wanted James to throw him the ball. He is pretty good at actually hitting it too! 

Check out that look! Eye on the ball! 

 Batter up!

 Even if he doesn't always hit the ball, he always has fun :) 

 Check out that smile :) 

I feel like Henry is growing up so quickly and he will need to grow up even more in the next few months. So I am trying to hold on to him as much as I can these days. I only have a bit more time with my baby boy before we need to start sharing our time with baby sister. I ask myself many times a day... how am I going to do this with TWO?!?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Playing catch up

Hello again! It's been too long :) I went back to work in early July so days have been spent at work, afternoons and evenings spent with my adorable son and husband and nights spent doing lesson plans and grading papers. That leaves zero time for anything else. So I made time tonight... I stayed up late :) Forgive the multitude of pictures, I'm glad I have at least remembered to pick up the camera every now and then these days. 

Playing in the sprinkler. 

He may kill me one for posting all of these pictures of him in his underwear but dang, he is cute! 

 Henry is getting better at playing with blocks and doing things on his own. 

 So proud of his work :) 

 The monsoons hit Tucson finally and Henry LOVES playing in the rain. He is a true desert child :)  

 Let's face it, I love the rain too! 

This truly shows how long it's been since I've blogged! Here are some pics from the 4th of July! 

 All decked out for our BBQ. 

 Playing with sparklers. 

After we had dinner, we bathed Henry and put him in his pjs. We loaded up the car and trucked over to A mountain. We were bummed that the fairgrounds didn't have fireworks this year, that would have been way closer! Henry had fun hanging out in the back of the car, playing with sparklers and seeing some fireworks. I, on the other hand, was hot and tired. 

Cheesy smile :) 

 I like the pics I took without the flash, so cool looking! 

 I had to point out the fireworks so Henry would look at them. He wasn't too impressed. He would watch for a few second and then then get bored and start playing in the car. 

 Not a bad view from where we were parked. 

 Henry enjoyed the marshmellows I had brought along to make smores. 

 Me and my baby! 

When I went back to work, Henry continued to nap during the day. However, when it came time to put him to bed, he would stay up until 10 or 11 at night! I think he really wanted to spend as much time with me as possible, was well rested from his nap and just plain didn't want to go to sleep at night. After some super late nights and trying to function at work on a few hours of sleep, we made the tough call to cut out his afternoon nap. It makes for a long day but the nights are soooooo much better. He goes to bed at 8:30 and is out like a light within a few minutes. Makes things easier at night but tough during the day. So we did a little compromise. Instead of a nap, we have "rest time." I make a little bed on the floor in the living room, put on a DVD and let him rest for an hour or so. He usually doesn't sleep but he at least gets to calm down and relax for a bit. Seems to be working ok... for now ;)

Henry enjoying his rest time. 

 How can you not love this face???

Em took these for me while I was working one day. Henry is dancing away to some of his favorite music :) 

 After a little rain, the sand in our backyard was just right for sandcastles. 

 James found a baby lizard, Henry loved it! 

 Nana pushing Henry on the swings. 

 We got a nice big storm with lots of rain. Henry HAD to play in it. 

 My friend Mary had her baby shower and I just had to get a belly pic with her :) 

 Henry wrote his name all by himself! Not bad for a three year old! :) 

 Summer time means ice cream! 

Totally different day, same messy boy.  Milk moustache  :) 

 We got Henry a new dresser so we could move the little one from his room into the baby's room. Here is the box from the dresser. There are tons more pics of him in the box but none of them are appropriate since he was naked ;) 


 Today I asked Henry what he wanted to do. He said let's get me a pirate hat to go with my eye patch! Uhhhh, ok. So we went on a hunt and found a cute hat at Party City. He wore it all over town and got some interesting looks from people and some compliments. 

James went camping this weekend and Henry wanted to go too. I'm not ready for that quite yet so he stayed home with mama and we build a tent for camping in the living room :) 

I had taken so many pictures of Henry, when I was done, he copied what I said and did and took some pictures of his toys. It was adorable to hear him tell them what to do, where to look and tell them good job for a good smile :) 

Say cheese Woody! 

I really, really need to get a belly pic up and some new pics of the baby's room. It is about done :) I am starting to get excited about the baby coming. I've been super nervous but just last weekend, I finally started to be happy and excited :) We only have about seven weeks to go!!!