Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I cannot believe I let an entire month go by without blogging! Henry has just kept me so busy that when I do get a spare couple of minutes, I catch up on sleep! And why am I so tired? Henry has been crawling. He crawls ALL the time now. He also has learned how to pull himself up... on EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe in our house and we never get to sit still anymore. It is so much fun to watch Henry discover. He finds joy in the simplest things, like finding out that daddy's computer chair moves from side to side when he pushes it, or hearing how much louder his toys are when he bangs them on the tile rather than the carpet. Toys are fun, but to Henry, cabinets, drawers, Daisy, bed posts, mirrors, walls, and of course, electrical outlets are SO much more fun :) He hardly even sits still for pictures any more but here are a few I managed to snap.

Little explorer.
Henry loves hats! Loves to chew on them that is :)
What? It tastes good mom!
Henry REALLY enjoys his food! He gets only a teeny bit messy :)
Here you can see where Henry fell and hit his little nose. My baby's first bloody nose :(
Henry loves to be outside. Here he is in his new swing!
Dude, I am so tired from all that swinging.
I'm coming to get you!
Look at my handsome boy!
And here he is saying, check out my shoes!
The first discovery of the kitchen cabinets :)
Oooh what is this?!
And here is an attempt to capture Henry's second crawling injury, a fat lip.
Check out the top left corner. It's hard to see but it's all swollen and bloody.
Check out that tongue!
I LOVE this little boy!
Dude, I love you too mama!
I just noticed how orange his nose looks in all these pictures. Maybe it's time to cut back on all the sweet potatoes and carrots?


Jaymee said...

He is getting sooooo big!!!!! Absolutely adorable: )

Anabelle said...

What a cute big boy you have! He looks so tall. You may have a future NBA star on your hands.