Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cookies, kids and fun!

Hey, look at that! It's January and I'm bloggin, go me! Henry and I have been having so much fun over our break. Playing with new toys, going to the zoo and making cookies with friends. I will be sad to leave this little guy next week. 

Henry with his Toy Story trio, Zurg, Buzz and Woody. Ever since Christmas, these guys have been joining me in bed along with Henry every morning... fun! 

Miracle! Henry is (sort of) looking at the camera and smiling! 

 Who cares if it is freezing outside? Let's play!!! 

 Loving his new Mickey vest, thanks auntie Em! 

New year's day we really wanted to take Henry up to Mt Lemmon and play in the snow. Unfortunately, they closed the road so we couldn't go. So we went to the zoo instead. I thought it would be super crowed but it wasn't! It was so nice not having to battle the crowds. It was a bit chilly but again, Henry didn't mind :) 

 Henry tried to pet the tiger through the glass. 

 The tiger was very vocal this morning too. A little scary but super cool! 



 Baby lion, not so little anymore. 

 Sitting on the elephant.

 He was so excited to play with this. There are normally a million kids fighting over it. 

I've made cookies with Henry three or four times now. At one point, we were having so much fun, I thought, hey we should do this with ALL the kids. Meaning, all my friends and all their kids. I told them about my idea and they all thought I was crazy but were all for it! Let's do it! We were going to do it before Christmas but there was just so much to do. So we decided to do our cookie play date after new year's. Henry and I got everything ready and he was bouncing off the walls waiting for all his friends to come join us to make cookies. It was a blast and he had so much fun!! :) 

The cookies and decorations before everyone got there.  

 Ready to roll some cookies! 

 They're here! All my friends are here! 

 Most of the kids were way more interested in all of Henry's toys, especially a toy microwave, right Mary? ;)  

Some of the kids were very excited to make cookies. Delaney is rolling the dough and Henry is choosing his cookie cutter. 

 Decorating the cookies. 

 Henry frosted a cookie and then licked all the frosting off. He didn't get that you could bite the cookie! 

 I love this shot of Henry. I think someone was crying or something and he was just not sure what to do with himself. He's like, what is going on in my house?!


 The "big kids" table :) 

 The "little kids" table and a little chaos. 

 Despite the freezing cold wind, the kids had fun playing outside with Daisy. 

Then it was time for the group shot. It is always a challenge with nine (yes NINE!) kids. But here are a few good ones :) 

Jaxon with Reese, Delaney, Brody, Hunter, Brinley, Henry, Colton, Ethan (hiding behind the cop car) 

 Poor Brinley. 

 Reese is clapping :) 

 Are we done yet?!?

Thanks for coming over friends! We had soooo much fun! Even if Henry did get bit and knocked in the head with a swing :) He had a blast and so did I! Good times for sure! 

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Anabelle said...

Chaos? I thought it was surprisingly calm with 9 kids running around. It was great fun, whatever it was!