Monday, December 29, 2014

Halloween 2014

So what if it's December (almost January), it's time for some Halloween pictures! Enjoy!

Oh, but first, some cute pictures of baby's toothy-cheeseball grin :) 

 And a precious shot of Henry reading to Spencer, love. 

Leading up to Halloween, Henry kept changing his mind as to what he wanted to be. He finally landed on Mario. Once he decided what he wanted to be, he was quick to decide what the rest of us would be. Henry wanted James to be Luigi, he wanted Spencer to be Toadette and I asked him why baby couldn't be the princess and he said he wanted me to be Princess Peach! Now, if you know me, you know that I am not a fan of Halloween and dressing up. But I could not say no to that sweet boy! So I dressed up for Halloween for the first time in forever ;) 

Henry AKA Mario

 Such a cute little plumber! The mustache was bugging him a bit so it only lasted as long as the pictures. 

 My adorable Mario family! :) 

 I wanted to get a couple pics of just the kids together. This series of pictures crack me up. I told Henry to try to get baby to stand by him for the pictures. Bless his heart, he tried.

Stand here by me baby… 

 Wait! Stay here! 

 And down she goes ;) 

We decided to head down the street to our neighbors and meet up with some of Henry's little friends so they could go trick-or-treating together. On the way there, we couldn't help but stop at a few houses. Henry was chomping at the bit so went ahead and started :) 

Henry loved the houses where the people let HIM choose the candy out of the bowl. 

 Spencer didn't know what was going on but she enjoyed all the decorations and people. 

 Baby could totally walk the entire way but then it would have taken us quite a while to get anywhere. Daddy gave her a lift. 

 Just so cute. 

 We met up with our friends and we were on our way! 

 I so loved this lady's league of their own costume! Plus she was soooo nice to the kids :) 

 Check out Henry's friend Chase's face here! I think this was their first house and he was jazzed! 

 Henry loved this door knocker. 

We made it down the street, the kids were about spent, and it was getting late and dark so we called it a night. 

Me and my babies

Can't wait to see what Henry dresses us all up as next year! :) 

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