Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer catch up time!

It's time for another three month picture dump! Here are some random pictures of my little cuties from the last time I bloggged way back in March till now :)

First up? Kindergarten round-up for my baby boy! I can't believe my little baby Henry is big enough to go to Kindergarten!!! I took half the day off so I could take Henry to his new school. Things started a little rough when they asked Henry to wear a scorpion (the school mascot) necklace with his name on it. He was not having it! But after some convincing from me, he reluctantly put it on. Now I am used to the way our school does Kindergarten round-up so I was not prepared for the teacher to actually TAKE the kids away while the parents sit and listen to the presentation. I thought for sure Henry would freak out and not want to go but as you can see from the picture below, he grabbed the teacher's hand and didn't even look back! There was not one tear… well from Henry. There was plenty from me! My baby left me without even a glance back in my direction. Now of course this is a good thing but I was still sad my baby was growing up.

Henry is in the bright green shirt. 

 He was so involved, he didn't even see me come in! 

 My big boy playing with pattern blocks :) 

The next big group of pics is from the end of March when it was getting warm out and all the kids wanted to do was play outside :) 

Water gun fight! 


 Baby is trying to drink the sprinkler water! 

 Spencer got a new dress… 

 And shoes! 

 Pool time! 


 Big guy dressed himself this day 

In March, Henry had been having some sleep issues. This is a Starbucks date as a reward for a week of good sleep :) 

 And a trip to Peter Piper after :) 

 We always celebrate Easter in SV with my parents so I wanted to give the kids their Easter baskets and take some pics in their outfits the day before.

 Spencer's hair is a bit wild here :) 

 Easter goodies! 


Easter in SV with my family. 

 Easter egg hunt in my parents' backyard. 

 Got the kids a new water table :) 

 Spencer is starting to get the hang of looking and smiling, not quite there yet but she's getting better! Cheese! 

Darth Baby! 

 Darth Henry

 James and Henry flying a kite. 

 Baby had fun watching. 

 And now for ice cream! 

 Here let me kiss you… 

 And try to steal your ice cream! 


 Doc McPumpkin ;) 

 New robes from nana. 

 Braided the baby's hair, so cute! 

Spencer thinks she is a big boy too! She is always taking Henry's underwear! 

 I can never take a picture of just Spencer, Henry has to get in on the pic too! 

Boba booty! 

 Playing in the sand. 

 My sister Emily got me a pretty cake from Nadine's for my birthday :) 

Spencer loved singing happy birthday! She will be so ready for her birthday in a few months :) 

 Mama got to go out! I went with my good friends to see New Kids on the Block! It was so fun!!! :) 

 The middle of May had a freak cold spell. The kids were freezing! 

 My babies playing together. 

 The boys went camping! The girls came for lunch and then went home :) 

 Henry was in heaven! 

Any time I dress baby up and try to take her pic, this is usually what I get. 

 More pool time! 

 Henry turned five!!! 

 Re-creating the first picture we ever took together :) 

 Henry requested green cake with green frosting. 

 Baby loved it! 

 I put Henry to work getting the house ready for his party guests :) 

Henry's jumping castle! 

 Henry and cousin Sean. 

 Loving his party! 

 Spencer had fun too! 

 Henry and his friend Kade :) 

 One of our party games, pin the mustache on Mario! Such fun! 

 Henry in his new Mario sheets. 

 Henry took a week long class on simple machines at Pima. He loved it and learned quite a bit :) 

 I snuck a picture while he was listening to rules the first day. 

 Finally found Henry a Baymax :) 

 Spencer and I had to get the car serviced on day while Henry was in class. We had to wait at the dealership for over two hours… so not fun! 

 She ate a crap-ton of junk food that day. 

 Henry got a new Buzz kite. 

Spencer and I had a Starbucks date. It was nice having some time with just Spencer but she and I missed Henry while he was in class.  

 My babies quietly reading, be still my heart :) 

Now for some vacation pics!! 

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