Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Henry is getting to the age where he actually does stuff! At first, all he did was eat, pee, poop, and CRY! Now he plays, smiles, coos and "talks." He likes to play in his bouncer, he likes to talk with the animals on his mobile, he likes to lay on the floor and play with daddy, he likes to watch his rattle. He LOVES to be sung to and LOVES to dance! But Henry's absolute favorite thing to do (and mommy's favorite too since it involves no physical activity on my part!) is NAKED TIME! He LOVES to lay on his changing table and gets SO happy the second his diaper is undone! I've tried to actually get on video how he goes from screaming to happy in 2.5 seconds but alas, when there is a screaming baby, your mind doesn't always work correctly! What I do have are pictures! Lots of pictures of Henry in his happy place being naked and happy :)

Henry has the cutest smile.... however, I can never seem to get his cute smile on camera. He's kinda like Chandler ;) So here are my attempts at getting him to smile :)

I love this one!
Henry being goofy.
Late night giggles.
He turned at the last second and I got his chubby cheek instead! Still cute :)


Anabelle said...

He sounds like you typical boy to me.. loving being naked! He is too cute. I just want to bite his cheeks!

Ami said... true. Naked Boys. I love it!