Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been so bad at blogging lately, my bad! Since work started I am finding that I have zero time anymore! So instead of sleeping, I am blogging... good choice, probably not. If I am grumpy tomorrow, we all know why!

This weekend, we finally took baby Henry swimming! I've been wanting to take him for a while now but I wasn't sure how he'd like it. Remember how much he liked the ocean?? Well the pool must have been loads warmer than the ocean because it turns out he really enjoyed it! Yippee!!! :) Here are some pics from his adventure in our pool.

Getting ready with daddy. Like Henry's swim trunks? Thanks Amy!! :)
Wait, you're going to put me in where?!?
Hmmm this ain't too shabby!

Hey, I kinda like this daddy!

Mommy, this reminds me of you!

Hi mama!

I was just soooo glad he liked it and was not screaming!

Look out Michael Phelps!

I love this little guy!!

See Daisy in the background? Don't worry, she is not at all jealous. She HATES swimming! I think she is glad we found someone else to take swimming!

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Anabelle said...

I'm glad you finally updated the blog! I was having Henry withdrawls. He has gotten so big in the last month! I love the 3rd picture from the bottom. You look so in love with your little man. :)