Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teeth for Henry!

My baby is growing up! :*( Within a week, he has gotten TWO teeth! I've been trying all week to snap some pics of his teeth but it has proven incredibly difficult! Finally last night I enlisted James's help. I held his mouth open and James quickly got a pic. Then James held him and I got a pic. He was not too happy with us after this so we only have two pics and they aren't the best quality but you can see his little chompers!

Henry has been hard at work at some other things too. He can roll over from back to belly and belly to back like nobody's business! When on his belly, he has started lifting his booty up in the air, pushing up on his hands and knees like he's getting ready to crawl! Lord have mercy on all of us when he figures that one out! I've tried to get videos of all this but he's a bit camera shy! Here are my attempts at capturing Henry's antics.

He has also added some consonants to his speech. Where before he was all vowels, he now has some b sounds! I was hoping for some m sounds so that I could maybe hear a mama instead of baba but oh well, I'll take what I can get.

Henry's next adventure... Halloween! Now what do I do with a five month old for Halloween??? I would feel weird taking him trick-or-treating since he can't eat the candy but I want him to show off his cute Tigger outfit. What to do?


Lofgren Family said...

You can always come trick or treating with friends! :) We are staying in Rita Ranch this year and are just down the road...

Anabelle said...

Jen's idea is great! We did that on Jaxon' 1st Halloween and it was fun. We just pushed him in the stroller around the neighborhood, the kids loved it and so did he. Have fun!