Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or treat!

James and I never went trick-or-treating as kids. Our parents just weren't into that kind of stuff. So when Halloween rolled around, we weren't sure exactly what to do with Henry. After all, he is only five months old and can't eat any candy anyway. But we had already bought him a costume and totally wanted to show him off. We thought about going to the zoo or the mall but Henry is really only awake and happy for a couple hours at a time and by the time we drove anywhere, we wouldn't have that much time to really do anything. Plus, he really, REALLY likes going for walks and being outside. So we decided to go ahead and take him trick-or-treating. He seemed to enjoy it :) Here are some pics of our adorable little Henry :)

Here he is in his pre-trick-or-treating outfit.
In his Tigger costume :) We were afraid his little feet would get cold, so we put some footie pjs on underneath.

Now let me get this straight, all I have to do is ring a doorbell, look all cute and I get candy!?!

Ok, I'm not sure I believe you so I'll try it out for myself.

Ding dong!

It worked!!! Score! Help me get this paper off of here momma! :)

Henry did really well trick-or-treating. Of course, everyone thought he was just the most adorable Tigger ever! I couldn't agree more!

Ok I'm ready to go home now, I'm sleepy.
James and I had fun taking Henry trick-or-treating! Next year, he will be walking... that should be even more fun :)

These next few pics have nothing to do with Halloween but they were taken the day before and are just precious! Henry has discovered that his toes can go in his mouth! This is his new favorite activity :)

How cute is this?!

This last one is for my mom. Don't you just wanna pinch that adorable little booty? :)

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Nicole said...

Oh he is SOOOO cute! I love the costume!!