Thursday, April 28, 2011

Henry's first Easter

Henry was so excited for his first Easter that he woke up nice and early around 5:45. I brought him in to cuddle with me for a bit and then we got up and had some breakfast. I had made our traditional pull-apart the night before and Henry was eager to help me taste it. After breakfast, we played for a bit and then woke up daddy so we could open Henry's Easter basket together. We decided that since James had to work on Easter that we would open his Easter basket at home before Henry and I drove down to SV to spend the day with my family. Now we don't do the whole "Easter Bunny" thing just like we don't do the "Santa" thing but that doesn't mean Henry shouldn't get treats from mama and daddy right? Henry was unsure of the whole experience.

Here is Henry opening his very first Easter basket.
Ooh! Peeps! Score!
Let me see how these things taste...
Like the face? He was not a fan. Can't be my child, I LOVE Peeps!
Hmm how do I open this so I can bite his ears off??
Board books from the dollar section at Target :) There isn't much that can go in an eleven month old's Easter basket!
And there is his cheap-ass lamb that the hair is already coming out of.

Soon after opening Henry's Easter basket, we were on our way down to SV. We left right at nap time hoping that he would sleep in the car for the hour ride down there. He did! The entire trip :) Once we got to my mom's house, I changed Henry into his Easter outfit. We had gotten the three baby boys matching outfits consisting of a polo onesie, plaid shorts and newspaper boy hats. I got Henry a blue top because I love how the blue brings out his eyes. So I changed his diaper and his clothes, gave him to my sister so I could get ready and not ten second later Henry had peed ALL over his Easter outfit! GRRRRR! At this point, it is literally two minutes before church starts. What do I do??? Luckily, I am a very good girl scout and I was prepared for just such an occasion. When my mom and I bought the outfits a few weeks ago, I got Henry a second polo onesie and plaid shorts, just cuz I thought there were so cute. As I was finishing up packing Henry's things the night before, I threw in the extra outfit, you know, just in case! Thank goodness I did! I quickly stripped off the peed on clothes, wiped Henry off with a diaper wipe and threw on his new outfit. Good as new! I was a little bummed that the wouldn't be wearing blue for our pics but hey, that's ok. He was still adorable. See for yourself!
Love, love, love this boy!!!
After church, it was time for pictures! The last time we had all three boys together was right after Caleb was born. They were much easier to photograph because, well they didn't move! This time, it was a straight up comedy trying to get these boys' pictures taken!

This is a typical shot. Caleb trying to get off the pew, head first. Sean trying to figure out how is related to these crazies. And Henry trying to crawl down the pew! Hee hee!

Sean and Henry sitting still for two seconds. They really ought to make a camera that takes faster pictures!

What? We were done with the pictures, right?
Now it was time to try to get a picture with just Henry and mama. I have like zero pictures of me and Henry because I am always the one taking the pictures. So this time, by golly, I was getting a picture with my boy! That wasn't easy either! There was so much for him to look at!

This is the best we got at the church. I just love the cross covered with lilies :)

After lunch, we tried again in my mom's backyard. I just wish he were smiling.

After naptime, it was time to hunt for Easter eggs! I had filled them with puffs and had my niece Starla hide the eggs where the babies were sure to find them.

Here's my little boy in the play structure that my mom and sisters painstakingly put together for the boys.

Henry finds his first egg!
Can I eat it?
Seriously, could he BE any cuter?
I was super impressed because Henry figured out how to open the egg all by himself! He was so excited to see puffs in there that he gobbled them up before I could even grab the camera!
After dinner, it was time to head home. The return trip was not nearly as quiet as it was not naptime but I discovered Henry's new favorite song is Firework by Katy Perry. We must have listened to it ten times on the way back up! Henry and I had a blast in SV with my family. The next big adventure will be Henry's 1st birthday party!

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