Friday, April 8, 2011

Random thoughts

This is more for me than anything else. I just want to remember everything about my baby. Henry is a little over ten months old now. He continues to impressed me daily with his new skills. And it's not just the big things like crawling that amaze me but it's the little things too. It's incredible to me what a little ten month old knows! He opens his mouth when he sees his toothbrush and loves to have his teeth brushed. He knows that a hat goes on your head and will try to put it on for you but does not want his hat on! He knows what a spoon is for and loves sharing his food. Mostly he hits the tray and makes tons of noise but sometimes the spoon actually gets to his mouth ;) He knows what the brush is for and will brush his hair and mine. He loves splashing in water whether it's in the sink when we are washing his hands or in the bath or when we are testing the pool water to see if it is warm enough yet (it's still not!). Whenever he sees pictures of people, he instantly lights up. He loves looking at pictures and is especially taken with himself ;) He still points at everything. His favorite things to point at are fans, lights and of course, Daisy. We think sometimes he is even trying to say Daisy! He loves going for walks and just being outside. Henry is the best buddy to run errands with. He so enjoys just walking around stores and seeing all the people and bright lights. He makes people smile wherever we go! I love playing with my baby because every little thing is so much fun for him. He can spend twenty minutes just picking up and dropping a little plastic ball watching it bounce, chasing down and doing it all over again. The repetition can be tiresome but seeing the look on his face each time, it's like he's doing it for the first time. As fun as playtime is, it's still not my favorite part of our day. That would be getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. Those two times have become so special for Henry and I. Usually when he gets up in the morning, I will go in and get him from his crib and bring him in to our room and snuggle with him in the big bed. James is mostly still asleep since he can sleep through a hurricane and sometimes doesn't even realize Henry is awake ;) I love waking up with my baby and cuddling with him in the mornings. It makes gets up early totally worth it. He is so sweet in the morning and really helps me, a VERY non-morning person, wake up! Oh, I forgot something else he has learned! How could I forget this?! Henry now gives KISSES! He gives the sweetest baby kisses and it melts me every time :) My other favorite time of day is right before Henry goes to bed at night. Henry gets stripped down to his diaper and plays on the big bed. He just loves crawling around and climbing on the headboard and of course, getting tickled. He also does this super cute thing we call belly bumps. One day, he just lifted up my shirt and I think he was simply amazed that I had a belly too! So he bumped his belly with my belly and now he does this every night. He also just discovered that he could blow raspberries on my belly just like I do on his! When it's finally time for me to put Bugs in his crib for the night, I rock him a little first and sing him a song and say his prayers. Now he knows what is coming so as soon as I turn the lights out and sit in the rocking chair, he will lay his little head on my shoulder. It's a sweet, precious five minutes that remind me of when he was really little. I'm glad that I get to have all these special times with my boy. It makes it easier when he has his moments, which thankfully happen less and less. He does still have issues eating, both solids and bottles. He can be a restless sleeper, waking up throughout the night or VERY early in the morning. He can get cranky and moody, no idea where he gets THAT from! But all in all, the good always outweighs the bad. Like when he's not eating, he'll give me this adorable smile that just makes me laugh. Or if I've had to get up super early, he'll be so sweet and give me extra slobbery kisses. Baby Henry is growing up so fast, I just want to try to make sure I stop and really enjoy all my time with him. To go with my random thoughts, here are some random pics!

He is his grandma's boy, loving Dr Pepper already! Don't worry, it's not open.
Henry helping with laundry.

Trying frozen yogurt... yum?
Checking himself out in the mirror at Old Navy.

Big boy car seat.
Exploring outside by the pool for the first time.
Don't worry, I have a good grip on his little foot in all these pics.

Let me see that!
Sharing mama's chocolate milkshake :)

Think he likes it?
Got milk... shake?
Unbeknownst to mama, daddy feeds Henry a pickle. James claims he liked it, I have my doubts.

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