Saturday, August 27, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I feel like a lot has been happening but nothing so big that deserves an entire blog. Which is probably why it has been an entire month since I have done a blog! So I thought I'd just do a quick picture update of all the fun stuff Henry has been up to lately. It is very random so I apologize in advance :)

Henry loves his pop-pops! (Popsicles)

Henry is such a good little helper! Here he is helping mama load the dishwasher. Well in this case, Henry is more UNloading the dishwasher, that is silverware scattered all over the floor! He had fun :)

He also enjoyed crawling up into the dishwasher!

One of Henry's many injuries :*( He is SOOO much better at walking now and does it all the time but in this case, he was walking and sucking his thumb so he couldn't catch himself when he fell headfirst onto the tile floor! Ouch!

One of my favorite pictures of Henry :) He was absolutely enthralled with James's cowboy boots. He loves shoes in general but these were like ginormous shoes, so naturally he was amazed by them. He just had to try them on! I love that he is wearing his Cowboys onesie too!!! LOVE IT! :)

He is trying to figure out how to walk in them. He never quite got it. Can you blame him? They are huge!

Henry is a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is on constantly at our house. The other day my mom found a talking Mickey at Toys R Us and just had to get it for him. He loves it!!! He laughed so hard when he first got it, I thought he might have a fit! Here he is sitting in his chair watching MMC with Mickey :)

He likes to chew on Mickey’s ears and tail :)

Henry’s new favorite game? Playing in the cabinets of course! See that little hand?


How cute is this face?? :)

This cabinet gets emptied a few times a day now.

Henry found a paper towel roll the other day, dug it out of the recycle bin (it was on the top... mostly!) and had a blast with it until he started chewing bits off!

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. I love Henry’s little collared pirate shirt, so cute! He decided the napkin was tastier than his dinner ;)

And the table needed to be cleaned so Henry took care of that!

It rained while Henry was actually awake the other day! Usually it rains in the middle of the night and he never gets to see it. Henry loves to be outside so this was extra fun for him. He ran around, got soaking wet and had a ball!

As I said, Henry is very helpful. Now he is helping with laundry! Yup, hangers all over the floor...

And on his arm. He thought this was hilarious!

So there you have it. Lots of random pics of baby Henry having all kinds of fun :)


Anabelle said...

Oh I lOVED the playing in the cabinet days! Such a mess, but fun to see how much fun they are having.
And I agree, Henry in cowboy boots is my favorite picture too. Absolutely adorable!

Mary said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! He is a curious little guy...the cowboy boots are too cute. Cactus moon here he comes!!