Sunday, July 31, 2011

Henry's first haircut

My little boy has never had an abundance of hair. He has some very fine baby blond hair and I think it is just adorable! But his baby hair had finally gotten long enough that it was getting in his eyes and we knew it was time to cut it. Everyone had said that once a baby has his first haircut, he will no longer look like a baby but more like a little boy. I didn't want to let go of his little baby face but I knew it was time. I only cried a little when they snipped that first little curl off the back of his head. We took him to the Great Clips that is in the Fry's plaza right around the corner from our house. It was crazy busy but we got it pretty quickly. As soon as Henry sat in the chair with James, he started whining and crying. I thought, oh man, maybe this wasn't the best idea to do this on a busy Saturday afternoon. But then the nice ladies at Great Clips grabbed him a balloon and he was all set. He sat pretty quietly and let the lady snip at his little baby hair. I took about a million and half pictures and videos and got in everyone's way. I am sure they have seen moms like me before but I felt a little silly, crying in the Great Clips and taking a ton of pictures.

Here is Henry the day before his haircut, you can see how long his hair is in the front.

Sitting in the chair with daddy.

Umm, what are you putting around my neck??

I don't like this!!

You can't see it, but here is when they brought out the balloon. He is totally focused on that! Yay! :)

The first snip... there goes his little baby curls.

A little more off the back.

He loved flirting with the lady ;)

Look at that handsome face!

He starting getting a bit antsy again so I handed him my phone, happy baby again!

All done!

I tried to get a good shot of him smiling AND looking at me, this is the best I got ;)

He still looks like a baby to me :) just with shorter baby blond hair!

Good job on your very first haircut baby Henry! :)


Anabelle said...

Tear. Such a fun milestone, but sad your baby is growing up. Thankully he still has an adorable little baby face. Good job Henry!

Ami said...

Aww! So cute! Great job capturing this milestone mama! And I agree, he still has his baby face! (The sucking of the thumb helps!) Too cute! Did you keep his hair?

Mrs. Lofgren said...

What a handsome boy!