Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall Break!

Time to play catch-up again! It's a good thing we have these breaks or I might never blog ;) Henry has been a busy boy as usual. He seems to have REALLY found his voice lately. Before, he would say single sounds and maybe a couple words like mama and dada. Well now, he has turned into a little parrot! I found this out the other day when I was explaining to Henry what we would be doing that day. I said, ok Henry first we are going to Target. Then he says just as clear as day... Target! Then I told him later that we were going home and he again, clear as day, said home! It is seriously adorable! I tried to get it on the flip but he never cooperates. So here are some pictures of what bubba has been up to lately.

Henry LOVES to be outside. The other day we were coming home from... somewhere and Henry decided he just wanted to stay out and play. Who am I to say no? It was so nice out!
Can you tell where we were coming back from? ;)

Henry is ready for football season! Here he is sporting his team colors, for both the Cowboys and Packers.
Howdy partner!

Yee-haw! Check out that expert hat toss!

Henry just loves Daisy! He is kissing her through the glass.

We went down to Sierra Vista to celebrate my dad's birthday and his 30th anniversary in the ministry.

My mom and dad, or nana and papa as Henry calls them.

Henry enjoyed playing in nana and papa's nice big backyard with the fun play set :)

When we have all three of the boys together, we always TRY for a group shot. It is getting more and more difficult as they get bigger.

James, Henry and Sean.

Nana tries to wrangle Caleb.

The boys are not too pleased about sitting still!

Last week, my good friends, Amy and Mike got married!!! I had been looking forward to going to this wedding for sooooo long! Earlier that day, I got really sick. So sick that I had to send James to the wedding alone. I was so sad I missed the wedding :*( But James got some good pictures for me.
The bride and groom.

Henry enjoying his books in his new room :) The teacher in me, loves that he loves books!

Henry can sign please. So now he signs it all the time! It so cute and so hard to say no to! Here he is saying please for the camera. Now that, I can say no to ;)

Henry has been getting really good at scribbling with crayons. I thought it would be fun to show him how to color on some of the empty cardboard boxes we had laying around. Bad move. He took that to mean, I can draw on other things too, like the freshly painted walls! D'oh! At least it came off pretty easily.
In case you didn't catch that, yes we moved last weekend. I took like zero pictures of the actual move but I have some of the new house to share for next time.

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Anabelle said...

I'm so sad for you having to miss Amy's wedding :( Henry is getting so big and handsome.
While scribbling on walls is a no-no, on the bright side, writing on walls is good for developing his fine motor skills.