Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Long time, no see :)

Yes, I'm still here! It's getting harder and harder to get to this dang blog lately. Mostly because I have no time but also, my computer is working soooooo slowly that it takes forever to do anything! But here I am, trying to do a post. We will see how long my computer lasts :)

Where did we leave off? Fall break, jeez. It seems like forever ago. So much has happened and I have no idea how to catch up on all of it.

We moved! I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of moving, it's a lot of work and I really loved my house. But in the long run, it will be for the best. We are now out in Corona, which is nice and quiet but a LONG drive from anywhere. The house is bigger and more open with a nice backyard for Henry and no pool to worry about. I am finally starting to feel like this is "home" now.

Here is my favorite part about the new house, the view from the backyard.

Henry helped mama at school. Look at that face :)

Henry celebrated his second Halloween. Last year, he dressed as Tigger. This year, he dressed up as his favorite character, Mickey!

My little Mickey :)

James decided to dress as Mickey too! They were so cute together :)

We took Henry to the zoo. He LOVED it! We got an annual pass so we are there two or three times a month.

Mama and Henry by his favorite animals, the elephants.

Henry is learning to feed himself. It gets pretty messy and most of the food ends up ON him instead of in his mouth but at least it's cute :)

Enjoying the ketchup, I mean fries at Culver's.

Yummy beans!
James and I needed a few things for the new house so we went searching. Henry's little friend Ariston came along for the adventure.

I thought it was so cute that they held hands the whole time :)

Chilling in a chair they climbed up into.

Auntie Em gets a kiss from Henry :)
I totally thought I had Thanksgiving and Christmas preparation pictures on my computer but alas, I do not and James has the camera. I'll have to catch up on Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff next time... Hopefully soon :)

So I shall leave you with a video I took today of Henry helping me make Christmas cookies!


Anabelle said...

Is this why the cookies for our craft night tasted so good? :)

The views out here do make the drive worthwhile, although I tend to forget that as I'm driving.

Sarah said...

ha! anabelle, i didn't let henry eat that cookie dough! this batch was strictly for our house, but they were pretty good too :)

Mary said...

Good job on the blogging! And what a smile little Henry has : )