Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Two year old stats

Henry finally had his two year check up today. A bit late but we wanted to wait for our favorite doctor to get back from vacation :) I told Henry that we were going to see Dr. Goldberg and the minute Dr. Goldberg walks into the little room, Henry says, "Hi Dr. Golber!" So cute! Well he talked Dr. Goldberg's ear off and as the doctor is leaving the room, he says, wow a little chatty, isn't he? Yeah, a little :) 

Here are a few stats from his visit. 

Weight: At this visit Henry weighed in at 25 lbs and 10 oz which put him in the 20th percentile. Skinny minnie. 
Height: He is 36 inches tall now which puts him at the 86th percentile! Dude! This kid is long and lanky! 

And a few of my own stats just so that I can remember :) 

Eating - Henry is eating pretty well now. He has his foods that he likes and we are still trying to introduce some new foods every now and then. He loves all the typical kid foods: mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, PBJ. He likes green beans and cooked carrots, peaches, pears and mandarin oranges. That's about it as far as fruits and veggies go. He would eat pasta and bread all day long if I let him. He loves waffles, toast, cereal, poptarts, tortillas, etc... Carb kid to the extreme. He likes yogurt, pudding and still drinks whole milk at all his meals and before naps and bedtime. Henry drinks water but not as much as we would like. We've tried to get him to drink juice to help with getting him some more fiber but he is not a fan. He'll drink Capri sun but that's about it. He doesn't seem to be a big fan of desserts. He likes MAKING cookies but not so much eating them! Strange.We are working on using utensils and he is getting much better :) 

Sleeping - Henry is sleeping from about 8 pm to 8 am on a good night. He still wakes occasionally and I will go in and lay him down and he will go right back to sleep. He takes one nap a day from about 12:30-3:00 or so. He is quite high maintenance and yes, I know, it is my own fault... he is his mama's child :) 

Other - Henry is quite a fun little boy. He is so happy and so sweet... most of the time :) Henry knows all his upper and lower case letter and all the letter sounds. He can recognize numbers 0-10 and can count to 20 with help. He knows all his shapes and colors. All of this is thanks to Preschool Prep Company (insert plug here!). Henry will watch all those videos until I want to jump out the window but dammit they work. Henry LOVES the Brown Bear series and can recite them all from memory. Same goes for the Llama Llama series. He sits and "reads" them all the time. It is adorable! He can scribble on paper and "write" his name while spelling it out. He loves playing with animals, blocks, balls and water. He also loves being outside, going to the zoo and going for walks. there is not too much be doesn't like... unless you count being told what to do. His newest phrase is saying never. For example, Henry please pickup your toys. His response: Never pick up toys! Oooh, makes me so mad! He goes to time out occasionally and has even started telling me why he is sitting in time out, thinking it will get him out faster. Smartie pants. Plus he talks ALL THE TIME! He speaks in full and complete sentences. Not totally understandable but I know what he is saying :) He is a spunky, sweet, smart, handsome, precious little boy! I love this boy to pieces!!! :) 

Here are some adorable pictures of what we have been up to this summer. 

Playing in the sprinkler.

 Henry was a bit afraid of the sprinkler at first. He is getting brave and touching it here. 

A little braver and stepping over it! 

 And he's in! He was hooked after this and now he loves the sprinkler, yay! 

 We braved the 100+ heat and went to the zoo. Henry loves the elephant exhibit :) 

 Since Henry loved the sprinkler so much, I got him a little inflatable slide/pool to play in. 

 Ya think he likes it? :) 

 Waiting for Dr. Golber ;) 

 I am having so much fun with my boy :)

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