Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picture Perfect :)

Say CHEESE!!! Today we went to the Picture People to get Henry's two year pictures done. Needless to say, it was exhausting! He would not sit still, look at the camera or smile for anything! My sister Erin came with me to try to get some good pics. Someone should have taken pictures of the two of us! Jumping around, singing happy birthday, clapping, etc... I am a little happy that he was being so difficult because it made me feel better about all the times I have tried and failed to get pics. It's not just me!!! The lady even said he gets the most difficult award for the day... but at least he was happy while he was being uncooperative ;) I went ahead and got the entire CD because I felt like I did so much work that I should have something to show for all our hard work! Please enjoy my adorable son :) 

First shot. Still warming up and not quite sure what is going on. 

 For some reason, he kept playing with his hands . It was like a nervous habit. So strange because I've never seen him do this. But yay, a smile :) 

 So serious, and handsome! 

 I am so done just sitting here! 

 Such a coy little smile. 

 Here is his cheesy, say cheese, smile :) 

 Silly boy.

 He looks like I just put him in time out! All I wanted was a cute, smiling picture... or five or six :) 


He is up to something here. Probably plotting his escape. He kept saying, want to go play!  

 We tried a fire truck to try to get him to sit still and smile. It kind of worked. 


There he goes!  

Cheese? Can I go play now? 

 Ooh a beach ball! I love this picture, even though he is not smiling. It is still cute :) 

 He liked the chair too, for about three seconds. 

 I told him to build a sand castle so he actually tried to start digging in the floor :) 

 Playing with his hands again, but a sweet smile! 

 I was throwing the beach ball at him to get him to look at the camera and smile :) 

 And last but not least, my favorite picture! Totally natural smile and so relaxed. Next time, I will bring my own ball :) I love this boy!!! 

We made that poor photographer earn her money today! Now Henry and I both need a nap :) 

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Anabelle said...

They are GREAT! I would have never guessed he was being difficult!
He looks so big!