Thursday, March 21, 2013

Here we go again...

The last week of January, I wasn't exactly feeling like myself. I was achy and tired. When I thought about it, I realized it was an all too familiar feeling. Since I can't do ANYTHING by myself anymore, Henry and I ran some errands on Groundhog day and I picked up a HPT. Since I am never late, I was pretty positive I knew what the results would be. I was right. Within minutes, the word PREGNANT appeared on the little screen. Without really thinking, I told Henry, well it looks like your going to be a big brother! I didn't think he was really even paying attention. I had a little mini freak out, took a couple deep breaths and decided that even though we had not planned for this, that it was a blessing and that I was going to be happy about it :) You all know me, I am a planner. So this took some getting used to for me. I wasn't sure how James would react so I kept it to myself for the time. James loves surprises so I wanted to find a fun way of telling him. This would after all, probably be the last chance I get to tell my husband that we are having a baby! I had planned on waited for a while before telling him but Henry kind of ratted me out. Remember how I absent-mindedly told him he was going to be a big brother? Well it turns out he WAS paying attention. The next day Henry and I were playing on the floor and out of no where, Henry says, I'm going to be a big brother! James was sitting right on the couch so I thought I was busted. James didn't hear him but I figured I better act fast before Henry rats me out for good! So I had Henry come in the bathroom with me and I handed him the HPT with the positive result on it. I told him to go take it to daddy and tell him, I'm going to be a big brother. Henry did just as he was told and James was definitely surprised! He actually thought I was joking! Once he realized that I was serious, he was really happy :)

Now that James knew, we could come up with a way to tell my family. Again since this was the last time I get to do this, I wanted to make it fun! So we invited everyone out to dinner. Our excuse was to celebrate James's birthday, which we kind of were. On March 9th, we went to Pinnacle Peak for dinner. We had ordered a cake from Nadine's (YUM!) that said, Happy Birthday, so they'd think it was for James. But underneath the words we put the due date, 10/3/13. We showed everyone the cake at the beginning of dinner and it took a few minutes for people to figure out what it meant but when they did, boy were they happy! My mom was so excited and so were my sisters and my dad. It was really fun telling everyone at once like that, so I am glad we waited until they were all together.

The next weekend, we drove down to have dinner with James's family so we could tell them. James let Henry do the honors. As soon as everyone sat down, Henry said (nice and loud too!) I'm going to be  big brother! They were all surprised and happy and excited too! :) Yay!

Now that all our family knew I could start telling friends and well now, the rest of the world! It will be quite a challenge going from one to two. I barely feel like I got the hang of one and now we are throwing another one in the mix! At least this pregnancy feels a bit less stressful. I mean, I already know what to expect so it's been a bit easier. The morning sickness was more intense this time around but pretty short lived. It lasted only about three or four weeks instead of ten weeks like with Henry. At our first ultrasound, the Dr said the baby was small and she wasn't sure of the due date, etc... Exactly what happened with Henry. So when the Dr said she wanted to see me back in two weeks to re-measure, I was ok with it. Fast forward two weeks and the ultrasound was fine, there was growth, a heartbeat, the due date was confirmed, pretty much exactly like Henry. So while I'm still being cautious, it's bit easier knowing what's coming ahead. It's nice to be able to look back at my belly book and blog and see what it was like with Henry. One big difference is my weigh gain. I seem to be much bigger, much faster this time. Once I start posting belly pics, you'll see!! The other big difference with this pregnancy is that when I get tired and want a nap in the middle of the afternoon, I can't. Henry just says, no mama, you're not tired! Let's play! Ugh, that has been hard. There have been times where I have actually fallen asleep on the floor while playing with Henry. One time, and I'm not proud of this, I fell asleep outside on our nice fake grass while playing with Henry! Talk about tired! Luckily, my energy seems to be returning this week. Today marks 12 weeks so hopefully I'm out of the first trimester blues :)

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