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Easter, belly pics and golfing!

Time to play catch-up again! It's been a while since I've blogged and I've been a bit busy with, well, life. So this post will be full of pictures from the last few months. I apologize in advance :) Enjoy! 

First up, Easter! We got Henry a few little things and some candy for his Easter bucket. He had fun looking through his bucket and finding all his treasures :) 

Ooooh what is this?!


 Reese's Pieces in the shape of a carrot. Henry still calls the candies carrots. 

 Peeps and a chocolate bunny. 

 After he had looked through all his little things, it was time to bring out his "big" gift. Henry loves Toy Story and has most of the characters already. On Easter he got one more.

I love his face! 

 Is that for me???


 It's Slinky dog! 

To this day, James still gets credit for getting Henry Slinky because he is the one who brought it out and I was taking pictures. Every now and then, Henry will be playing with Slinky and say, dada gave me Slinky, thank you dada! Next time, I am bringing out the present and James can take pictures! ;) 

 He was so happy to see another Toy Story friend to add to his collection (you can see some others in the background). 

 My attempt at getting Henry to look at the camera and smile... yeah, he's Chandler. 

 Don't laugh at him, he's my drowning moron ;) 

 Henry was so excited to eat the chocolate bunny that he kinda started eating while the wrapper was still on! 

 That's better! 

 Chow down dude! 

 My sweet boy! 

 We went down to celebrate Easter with my family in Sierra Vista. Henry always loves spending time with his nana and papa!

Me and my baby boy.

 Last Easter picture as a family of three!

 Henry getting some love from his auntie Zee Zee :) 

Kenya and I tried to do an egg hunt with the kids... it was hilarious! The kids were way more into playing and running around with each other than finding eggs! We would run along behind them and point out the eggs and eventually they would slow down enough to pick up an egg and throw it in their basket. I didn't get too many pics because honestly, they were too fast for me to keep up with! 

 See the eggs! Yeah, they could care less! 

Now we come to the random pictures that were taken between Easter and now. There is no rhyme or reason to these :) 

Playing with daddy. 

 So sweet :) 

 James's mom gave us a trampoline for Henry. Man, does he LOVE that thing!

To infinity and beyond! Check out the air on this kid! 

 Yes, he is wearing his Halloween costume. He likes to fly like Buzz :) 

Henry will absolutely KILL me for this next one someday but I just couldn't help myself, it's too cute! 

Look at that smile! And he's looking at the camera! Ok, so he's on the toilet, it's still cute, right?

 Please enjoy a million pictures of my son eating an ice cream cone :)

Henry has recently started copying me when I have toys talk and do voices. I love that he is finally getting how to play and I am hoping he starts doing it more on his own and eventually with other kids too. Baby steps. These are pictures of Henry playing with his play doh animals. I tried to get video but he is so obsessed with watching the videos that he stops what he's doing whenever I try to video him. 

 "Hello, I am a dolphin." "Hello, I am a duck." "Want to go for a swim?" 'Sure!" 

 When Henry reads with James, he lovingly puts his arm around James's neck. It's adorable :)

Reading Skippy Jon Jones with nana :) 

Painting with auntie Em :) 

Oh yeah, I am pregnant! I feel bad that I have not blogged about how this pregnancy has been going. Really, it's all I can do to get through the work day, spend some time with my boy and try to keep the house from turning to complete crap. So I'll do a quick pregnancy update now :) Baby stuff is for the next blog. I am now 19 weeks pregnant. In the pic below I was 18. I feel like I am WAY bigger than 19 weeks though. Apparently, I gained 9 pounds in the past month according to my doctor. Yikes! The morning sickness has clearly taken a hike and a huge appetite has arrived! The fun of a stuffy nose has returned. Thankfully, I learned a few things from the first pregnancy and had Breathe Right strips ready to go! Now if only it were socially acceptable to wear them in public! My hips have started hurting too. I blame the metal pins in my left hip for this little treat. Other than that, I've been pretty good :) I am pretty convinced that I started feeling this baby moving around 14 weeks. Now that I know what it feels like, I think I felt it much earlier than with Henry. The last few weeks, I KNOW I've been feeling the baby move a lot more. James still hasn't felt it yet but there is time for that. 

18 week belly pic. 

 Do you see that?? My belly button has popped already too!!! 

Over spring break, James got a groupon for Golf N Stuff. Then Henry got sick :*( so we didn't go. The weather was pretty nice last weekend and my mom was in town so we decided to try it out. I was so scared that it would be a totally disaster but Henry absolutely LOVED it! He played it more like basketball and just threw the golf balls into the holes, but he was having a blast so I didn't care. The highlight for me was when we were just about as far away from the building as possible when Henry decided he needed to pee. Great! So I booked it across the golf course with my big pregnant belly dragging Henry all the way with him shouting, this is fun! Luckily we made it and I didn't trip and kill myself on any of the holes! Now he asks every day if we are going back to play golf. I am sure we'll go back but I need some time to recover. It was exhausting but fun! :) 

 Henry helped everyone get their ball in the hole. He is two fisting it here. 


 Mama wasn't too much help. 

 Daddy was a bit better. 

 Checking out the ducks in the pond. 

 Me and my red-cheeked baby boy. 

 Smile!! I had to tickle him to get this one :) 

 Nana and Henry

 Honestly no clue what we are discussing here. 

 When it was time to say goodbye to the ball, I thought there would be tears, but he was all good! I think the promise of boats overpowered the sadness of losing his ball. 

I decided to sit out from the bumper boats and let James have all the fun while I took pictures. Henry LOVED this too! 

 Henry did all the steering for a while. Look ma, no hands! 

We spent a bit of time cooling off in the arcade. Luckily, Henry is still little enough that he doesn't understand that the machines actually take money! 

Going down the little path.  

 Bye Golf N Stuff! That was fun :) 

I had a birthday! Big 3-2 or as Henry likes to say 2 and a 3 which I like much better! We didn't do much but Henry insisted on blowing out the 2 and the 3. He was pretty good at it. When his birthday comes around in a few weeks, he will be an expert :) 

Not a cake but a big ol' rice krispy treat, yum! 





Next blog, ultrasound pictures! :) 

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