Sunday, May 12, 2013

It's a........

James and I went for our formal ultrasound on my birthday. I figured it would be a great birthday present to be able to see our little baby and possible find out the gender. We had a 10:30 appointment and it seemed so did all of Tucson. The waiting room was PACKED! We waited for over an hour for our turn but it was worth it! Our little one was very active and cooperative. Everything measured normal and everything looked great. When the tech asked if we wanted to know about gender, I didn't even wait for her to finish the question before I answered, yes! So as soon as the tech had all the measurements, she started looking around for the gender. James and I were both pretty sure that we saw a winkie but it turned out we were both wrong! We are having a girl!! The pics aren't great because they are pictures of pictures but you can get the idea. So here are the first pics of our baby GIRL! 

Her profile. I think she looks a lot like Henry did but I guess they all kinda look the same at this stage right? 

 The next picture is all the pics together. From top left down and then to top right and down you have: straight face shot, a pic of her lady bits, a hand, two more lady pics, the last three are profiles.

And yes, we have a name picked out already. It's something I've talked about doing since before I was pregnant with Henry. But until I have a middle name picked out, I'm going to wait to share her name. You probably already know if you have a good memory so just keep it for now, we will share soon. Henry is still a bit confused about the whole baby sister thing. He still thinks he is getting a brother. Perhaps he will get it one day :)

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Anabelle said...

:) Yay for little girls! They are all spice!