Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach part 3 (last one!)

After our all day adventure at the beach, we decided to take it a bit easy the next couple days. Don't get me wrong, we still went to the beach, every single day. Just not all day long. We went on a few adventures in the mornings. The first stop was the cove to see the seals, sea lions and to collect seashells. 

James and Henry on the sea wall. 

 Me and Henry on the sea wall. He was way more interested in looking at the seals than at the camera! 

 He thought they were pretty funny:) He especially liked when the seals all decided to go into the water at the same time by flopping all the way there! 

 Then we went down on to the shell beach. My mom had found a little cave. It was low tide so there were all kinds of little places to explore. Here we are sitting in the little cave. Not sure what I think is so funny right here? 

 Again, more interested in other stuff than looking at the camera! 

 Family pic :) 

 I love how much time my mom and sister got to spend with Henry too! 

 Henry was a total nana's boy on this trip. 

 He kept telling me that he was finding special shells for nana :) 

 Me and my baby.

The next morning, our adventure was Seaport Village! I love this little place. It is right on the water, so cute and fun! Plus, there is a carousel :) Be forewarned, there are a million carousel pictures! 

 Henry had fun looking at all the boats. If I had been a bit more adventurous, we would have actually gone on one... maybe next year? 

 I think that might be Midway behind me. I had brief thoughts of going on it but my mom put the kibosh on that one. Too many stairs and cramped spaces. Maybe next year? ;) 

 Out on the little pier. 

 He loved the water.

 Captured this one of my mom when she wasn't looking. My mom LOVES it here :) 

Once Henry saw the carousel, it was all over. He wanted to get on that thing ASAP! By the end of our trip, he had ridden it FOUR times! 

The first time was with me :) 

 Ok, so I know it looks like he is being tortured, but trust me, he LOVED it! :) 

 Nana and auntie came on this first round too. 

 I think he just likes to take everything in while it is happening. Afterwards, he would not shut up about it and which animal he wanted to go on next :) 

 Family pic at the fountain. There are tons of pics just like this of me as a kid with my family. 

 The girls :) 

 See, nana's boy! 

 Henry wanted his picture taken on the bridge. 

 James wanted his picture taken with two giant parrots! 

 The birds kept trying to get his hat. 

 Henry thought is was pretty funny... but didn't want to get too close. 

I love the expression on Henry's face! 

 Henry's second trip on the carousel was with James. 

 Not sure how he actually got him to smile!!! 

 James also got Henry to yell things to me as he spun past us. 

 Like, I love you mama! 


 He had to say goodbye to each creature when we got off :) 

I don't think Henry took ONE nap the entire time we were gone. So by bedtime, he was exhausted! 

Reading with daddy. 

 Notice his head on James's shoulder! 

 So sleepy! 

We really did go to the beach on these days but neglected to bring the camera. I think we figured we had plenty of beach pictures. Why we took it back to Seaport Village to get more carousel pictures instead, I don't know! 

This time he chose a dragon!  

 Took a pic with the captain. 

 Last time on the carousel, he chose a camel! 


Most of the rest of the trip was more of the same. James and I went out to dinner, Henry played in the ocean, built many sand castles, played at the park, went for walks at sundown, ran around at the "crab house," and really just had a ton of fun! All in all, it was a great trip. We didn't do anything "big" like Sea World or the zoo but that's the way I wanted it. Just a laid back, chill week at the beach. Our last beach vacation as a family of three :) 

When we got back home, Henry was soooooooooooo happy to see all his toys and play with them all. It was adorable! 

His new favorite game is Hungry, Hungry Hippos! We probably played it twenty times that first day back :)  

I had so much fun with my baby boy at the beach this summer. We got to spend a lot of quality time together and I treasure every moment because I know that work is right around the corner. And then, baby girl will be here before we know it! :) 

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