Monday, July 1, 2013

Beach part 2

So where were we? Ah, yes at the beach! My brother Matt and his family were at the beach for their last day. Henry adores Sean and Starla so I was excited for him to get to spend some time with them at the beach! Not sure what's up with the lighting on these pictures but they are cute nonetheless :) 

Henry with his cousins :) 

 I love that he is holding Starla's hand! 

 So sweet! 

 Not sure what they are so interested in here, sand crabs, seaweed, etc... 

 He is so intense! 

 I'm having so much fun, can't you tell? 

 I love his expression! He loved the water but hated how cold it was. 

 Kenya brought a beach ball for them to play with. They tried playing "catch" but it was more like throw and run after. 

Since we had everyone there at one time, we tried for a group shot. I had gotten my nice, cute cover up wet and dirty from our morning and was a bit too embarrassed of my giant white belly to have that in the picture so I borrowed my mom's cover up... which is embarrassing enough considering it is bright neon green! Score! 

Emily, my mom, James, me with Henry, Erin, Matt with Sean, Kenya with Starla. 

 Megan, CJ, Emily, my mom, me and Henry, Erin, Matt, Sean, Kenya and Starla. 

 We had seen some kids riding on boogie boards int he shallow water and thought Henry might like it. My son is not the most coordinated child and he ended up falling off a bunch. So not my best idea. Oh well.

 Erin and James trying to get Henry to understand the concept. 

 So far, so good. 

 Crash by the wave and down he goes! 

 They tried a few more times... 

 But Henry kept falling off ;) 

After a good eight hours at the beach we went back to the little cottage we were renting. It had a little crab statue outside so Henry decided to call it the crab house :) We cleaned up and went back to walk on the beach at sunset. La Jolla has beautiful flowers all over the place. Henry had to stop and smell all of them! :) Seriously the CUTEST thing! 

 My happy little boy, running on the boardwalk by the beach :) 

 He's dancing :)

 Henry loved the whale statue they had at the little park there. 


 Walking on the sea wall.

 Henry and Auntie Em, my mom and me. 

 The sunset on our first night. 

It was a perfect beach day! :) 

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