Friday, March 21, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

This year on St. Patrick's Day, Henry asked about what St. Patrick's Day was. Try explaining that to a three year old! To make matters more complicated, James has a brother named Patrick whose birthday just so happens to be ON St. Patrick's Day! So Henry was convinced that we were going to see uncle Patrick on St. Patrick's Day! Except uncle Patrick lives in Phoenix and we were not going to see him that day. Ugh, all day long I heard, "Now are we going to see uncle Patrick? It's St. Patrick's Day!" So I tried distracting Henry by making some green food for the leprechauns ;) 

First up? Leprechaun food AKA vanilla pudding with green food coloring :) These pictures are awesome on so many levels. Henry is sitting on the counter, there is crap everywhere, he is wearing one glove (our attempt to get him to stop sucking his thumb), he is playing with an old birthday card, his hair is a disaster, and he is eating straight out of the giant bowl of pudding! Mother of the year, right here!! 

Henry just HAD to try it… with his finger! 

 Please ignore the yuck that is my messy house in the background! 

 I really did try to get him to use a spoon but he wasn't having it. 

 Look mama! I made an H :) 


We also made some leprechaun cookies AKA snicker doodles with green food coloring but I guess I didn't take any pics of that. Awesome mama that I am, I kinda forgot about dressing the kids in green for St. Patrick's Day. Oops! Henry had a shirt from last year that luckily still fit! Yay! But Spencer… yeah, not so much. She had NO green whatsoever. So I rummaged around in Henry's old clothes and found a green onesie! Not very girlie at all so I had to add some ruffly white pants and a white bow to her outfit. Not great but not bad considering I had forgotten all about it! 

My little leprechauns :) 

I just have to say again how cute it is that Henry LOVES his baby sister SO much! 

 A smile!!!!! Yay! 

Random cute Spencer pics :) 

 She seriously has the most expressive face! 

 Another smile!!! :) 

Love that toothless grin :) 

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