Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yippee for summer!!

Summer has arrived!!! Thank goodness! I have missed my little babies and I am so happy I get to spend all day every day with them… for now. They'll drive me crazy soon enough ;) So I'm going to upload a million pictures in the next few days to catch up to what my little angels are doing now. These first pics are from about two months ago. Spencer was about 6 months old and ready to try solid foods. I put it off as long as I could because I remember Henry being so difficult to feed. He pursed his lips and refused to eat all the time. I was in such a good place with Spencer that I didn't want to rock the boat. But she was ready so I had to get ready. We somehow lost the infant seat we had for Henry and I hadn't gotten the high chair out yet so I began feeding Spencer in her Excersaucer :) 


She loved it right away!

 Thank goodness she is not like her brother!! :) Who, by the way, helped take these pictures. 

 James was not home when I fed Spencer the first time so he wanted in on the action the next time. 

 She ate it up! 

 Oh that face! 

We went through a bunch of Henry's old clothes to see if there was anything in there that Spencer could wear. We found a few things that we not to boyish that our little girl cold wear. We found one particular onesie that I remember Henry wearing when I took a picture of him and James. So we put in on her and tried to recreate the picture. 

This is Henry when we was about 6 months old. 

 And here is Spencer at about 6 months old. 

All the other pictures are just random times and random pictures with no rhyme or reason :) 

Going for a walk. 

Got some new shoes. 

I am Batman!  

 Happy baby. 

 Henry wanted in on the picture action. 

 I can't get enough of these eyes! 

 Oh and this duck face kills me! 

 And boy do I love this boy! 


 I try to remember to take a picture of Spencer every month. 

 Baby loves her bath. 

 It's fun to take pictures of Spencer crawling. 

 I was having the kids pictures taken so I wanted to be sure that their outfits would fit and look good together so I took some test shots. 

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