Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach videos

In addition to our million and a half pictures we took, we also took a bunch of videos :)

This first one was when we put Henry's toes in the freezing cold ocean water. You can see he really LOVED it ;)

Here we are in the Sunny Jim cave. You can hear a seal barking in the background but we never saw him. There are also a million pigeons creeping me out!

Climbing back up from the cave.

This has nothing to do with the beach but it happened while we were there. I noticed that whenever James walked across the hotel room, Henry would watch him! I know it's not a huge feat but when you're three weeks old, the tiniest little thing is exciting!

Speaking of tiny things being exciting, here's Henry playing and he actually hits the toy to make it go! I'm a huge nerd that these tiny things are so monumental to me :)

Alright I'm done with the videos... for now!

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Anonymous said...

cutest chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen. you dont know me but I am friends with someone at cottonwood elementary. Is he a good baby? Looks calm. he looks like you mama, cute chubs.