Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Henry rolls over!

He did it!! Henry rolled over! Now of course, there is a story to this. From what I hear, babies usually roll from their bellies to their backs first because it is easier. Well no one told Henry this! A few days ago, Auntie Em had put Henry down for a nap (on his back to sleep!). When he started crying a little bit later, she went in to check on him and found him on his belly!!! Then a day or so later, James had put him down on his mat and went to go his bottle ready. When he came back, Henry was on his belly again! So neither one of them actually witnessed the event. When I heard about both these rolls, I gave Henry a speech that I am sure I will need to repeat several times in the future. I told him that he was not allowed to do any milestone events for the first time while mommy is at work, he must wait until I get home to do anything monumental. And you know what... Henry listened!!! So tonight we were playing on his mat and he started looking like he might roll over. Lucky for me, I grabbed the Flipcam just in time to catch Henry rolling over!!!!!! Please enjoy the sounds of a totally dorky mom :) I was just so happy I was home to see it and I was the first one to actually see him do it. Selfish I know, but I am his mommy!

Way to go Bugs! Momma is proud :)


Anabelle said...

YAY! I told you he was a genius! Watching that makes my day :)

Ami said...

I love how excited he is about YOU being excited for him!! That is so cute! Now, is this like DMS's where we need at least 2 consecutive days of "meeting his goal" before we can move on to sitting up? hee hee...anyway, I'd say he Exceeded the Standard! Go Henry!