Sunday, September 26, 2010

James and Sarah's day of fun!

James and I had ourselves a baby-free day yesterday. My mom came to baby-sit and James dragged me out of the house, kicking and screaming. I wanted to spend some quality time with James but I knew I would miss the baby terribly. So we involved him in the packing process. We were going to the moon so James needed his cowboy hat. Henry wanted to try it on...

After a few tears (from mommy, not Henry) we were on our way. Liz had told us about Geocaching, so James and I decided to try that. Our first stop was very successful. James crawled under a creosote bush and found Monty Python's Black Beast of AAARGHGHG!
I found it!
Like the eyes? Just like the movie!
Oooh junk ;)
Now that we sorta knew what we were doing, we went on to stop two. However, we were not nearly as successful. We think perhaps the cache site was done before the new CVS pharmacy went up. Here's James standing in the exact coordinates... and nothing!
It was really hot, so we decided to call it quits on the Geocaching for that day.We had fun though, so we will totally be doing it again. The rest of the day has no pics but we had tons of fun. We went to BJ's, went shopping, watched movies and most importantly... SLEPT! It was so relaxing! Of course, I missed the baby soooooo much so we had to buy him a little present. Halloween is coming up soon so we decided to get him a costume. We joked when he was really little that he liked bouncing so much, he should be Tigger! So we got him this...

I love my costume! Where's my candy? :)

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Ami said...

Okay, first of all, I must be an idiot. I SO do not get what you guys were doing digging in dirt, and under trees?? I totally understood what you were doing at Old Navy though! :) And yes, Tigger is freakin' adorable! He totally looks like he adores it!