Monday, September 6, 2010

New Henry pics!

I have been so bad at blogging lately. I just seem to have no time for it. And when I do have time, honestly, I'd rather sleep. Then when I finally sit down to blog, something has to annoy me, like right now, for some reason everything is underlined and I have no idea why, nor can I un-do it! Whatever. Here are some new pics of some random Henry adventures! Enjoy! :)

Henry turned two months old so you all know what that means... shots! I have been dreading this ever since he was two days old and got his heel stuck. This boy does NOT like needles!

Here's Henry BS (before shots) all happy and totally unaware of what evil things his parents are plotting.
Sweet boy :)
AS ( after shots) he is royally PISSED!
I know it looks like I am smiling here but really I'm not. I feel so bad for baby boy :(
His poor little legs after getting three (yes 3!) shots.
Henry has been very busy growing up and learning all kinds of new tricks. Now he can grab and hold on to his toys when he is playing! Quite an accomplishment!
He also likes to suck on his bottom lip while he does this. He is concentrating really hard! Look what I can do mommy!
Henry also learned how to sit in his Bumbo! (Thanks Ami!) He likes it for about ten minutes :)
Henry met his new little friend Katie, my friend Jen's little girl :)
He is such a boy! Katie just wanted to get a little closer and Henry's face is saying, mommy get this girl off of me! ;)
Henry grabbing more toys off his play mat. Look how pleased he looks :)
James can get Henry to laugh now on cue :) It is the sweetest thing ever!
Henry is getting better at enjoying tummy time. He is so close to rolling over! I try to get him to practice everyday.
He's also getting really good at lifting his head straight up!
Henry LOVES his exersaucer! (Thanks again Ami!) He loves standing so the exersacuer is perfect for him. Plus is keeps him safe and entertained while I get some stuff done.
Henry is mobile!!! Well... kind of. Check this out. He was playing on the floor and I put him down like this:
The next thing I know, he has turned himself sideways, like this!
As if that was not enough, then he turned upside down!
And finally the other way :) He did a complete 360!
Oh and here is proof that James and I made it out a few weekends ago! I was proud of myself that I went out, only texted my sister a few dozen times, danced a bunch, and stayed out till midnight! I was exhausted! Here's me and James with our friend Niki :) Good times!
Ok that does it for now, hopefully I'll blog again sometime this month and not wait quite so long!


Nicole said...

Very sweet! THe exersaucer (aka the spaceship at our house) is THE BEST!!!!! He is getting so big! And it was great to see you out last week:)

Ami said...

Thank goodness! We were all having withdrawals! Love all Henry's new adventures!

Anabelle said...

First of all... I STILL can't believe you have a baby!
Second of all, he has gotten so big. It's hard to believe he's only 2 months old and already in an excersaucer and moving. You have a smart one on your hands :)

Sarah said...

he's three months now anabelle ;)

Anabelle said...

You know I'm too pretty to do math! :)

Sarah said...

oh i know! ;)