Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Playdate, Bunchkin style

After Henry saw what a fun place the Bunch casa is after we were there for their birthday party, he decided he wanted to go back for a playdate with these awesome triplets!

Here's Colton showing Henry the ropes.
And sharing his toys :) Colton was trying to help Henry look through the magnifying glass, so cute!
Henry was a bit in awe of these three big kids.
Hunter showing Henry how to stack blocks.
And here comes the favorite game of the day... "Let's put stuff on Henry's head!" See the beanbag in Colton's hand?
Here Henry, let me just put this on your head!
Ta-da!!! Look how proud Colton is :)
Oh my gosh! That dog is a LOT bigger than Daisy!
Henry and Ami. I love that Henry shares ;)
Whatcha got there?
Wow! That's a lot more teeth that I have! (We are hoping he grows up to be a dentist!)
Let me outside please!

Thanks for having me over to play Colton, Hunter and Ethan! I had a BUNCH of fun :)


Ami said...

Henry was SUCH a good sport! I can only imagine how overwhelming it must've all seemed to him, but you never would've known! Never a cry or a tear! You go Henry!! We're always up for playdates!

Anabelle said...

Henry playing with the big kids! You go! Reading this blog makes me soooo excited to move in a week! Can't wait to watch Henry grow up in "real" life!