Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video updates

I know you were all waiting on pins and needles for my latest videos ;) Here are a few of my favs. Henry is so cute and precious and adorable and is forever doing something I want to capture. But the SECOND I grab the Flipcam... he stops. It is really frustrating! So it took me days to get some of his cuteness on film. Enjoy!

This first video is of Henry growling. When he gets upset or sometimes just wants to be funny, he growls! He'll also growl if we growl at him. I think it is just hilarious!

This next one is of Henry finally figuring out how to move his feet. He has been awesome at pulling himself up and moving along furniture with his hands. But he hadn't quite figured out that he could move his feet too. Well I think I am in trouble now, because he has figured it out! I love that he walks on his tippy toes :)

And last, Henry taking a bath! We have this giant duck that Henry takes his baths in now that he is too big for the sink :( He was really afraid of it at first, but now he loves it! James is convinced that Henry is actually saying the word duck here but I'm skeptical. You be the judge!

I have a million more videos I could post, but I think this will do for now :)

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