Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring break

Ahhh Spring break! A time for rest, relaxation, and fun :) Well, I have been getting a TON of that last one! Henry has been a busy, busy boy! Here are some of Henry's adventures from the last few weeks.

Rewind to Rodeo weekend, I somehow forgot to post these pics. Here is Henry is his cute cowboy outfit. He was not really cooperating so this is the only good pic I got.
My friend Victoria came back to Tucson for the weekend. Victoria, Jenn, Aimee and I have been friends since college. It was fun to get together with all of them again. And now there are three babies to add to the group! Here is Tyler (Victoria's boy) Henry and Katie (Jenn's little girl).
Henry was very interested in the babies.
Three babies are so fun! (Right Ami?)
College group plus babies!
Hmmm who is next in line for mommy-hood here????
This next group of pictures is just cuz I think Henry is adorable when he is covered in food ;)
He is practicing using a spoon.
Right now he just thinks it's a toy.
And apparently it is hilarious!
He's just so happy :)
A very nice parent gave me a gift card to get a pedicure and who am I to turn down a gift?! Just in time for flip-flop weather, mama got a pedicure! Henry was absolutely enthralled with my newly painted toes. It may have been because they were bright pink or because I got a little white flower on my big toe but whatever it was, he loved it! He chased me around the house trying to get my toes :)
Henry has finally outgrown his baby car seat which means he needs a new stroller. Mama had to put it together before we could go on a walk an Henry wanted to help.
Yay! Ready to go for a walk :)
I thought it might be fun to take Henry to the park for a bit one day. He looks so cute, even though he looks a bit like an old man with his shorts all hiked up and his belly sticking out ;)
Here's Henry and daddy sitting on a park bench. It was pretty much the only thing for a baby to do at the park, who knew? Notice Henry pointing at the camera? He does this ALL. THE. TIME. He points at everything. We call him out little ET ;)

Mama and Henry, pointing again, he is so cute!

Trying to get a kiss and of course, he is resisting. Typical little boy.

The day before spring break, we had out carnival at school. Henry stopped by for a bit and we got him a balloon. I have no pictures of that. But he liked the balloon so much that I decided Henry needed a ball... a big one. A big, blue, ball. (Please laugh, I did!) Here is Henry playing with his new ball. I think he looks like a baby elephant, it reminds me of Dumbo :)

I am trying to get as much work done the first week of break so that I can MAYBE relax a bit the second week. So I have been cleaning, cooking, baking, doing laundry, etc... Henry likes to help. Here he is "helping" me cook dinner. He discovered the tupperware cabinet a while back but now he has figured out that is he throws all the stuff on the floor, it makes LOTS of noise and it totally fun :)

Henry is helping me do laundry here.
Yay! Socks!
Henry got to go to his first birthday party! Here are the birthday kids, Colton, Hunter and Ethan blowing out their two candles.
Me and Henry at the party.
Henry loves to be outside and he loves to be thrown up in the air. Here we are combining his two loves. Can you see the giant smile on his face?
Weeee! This is fun daddy!
Next post... videos! You know you're excited :)


Ami said...

Okay, number one, YES, three babies are totally fun! Second, My kids STILL love their giant blue and purple balls, hee hee.. and third, those pics of Henry in the air are awesome AND they freak me out all at the same time!!

Anabelle said...

Umm yeah... the in-the-air pictures gave me a bit of a heart attack. The game is fun for daddy and baby only!Mamas freak out.
Henry is super cute and growing fast. Not long from now you'll have a toddler! GASP!