Thursday, July 28, 2011

Henry is 14 months old!

I have been such a blog slacker lately. Life is just too busy sometimes. When I get the choice between sleep and just about anything else, sleep usually wins! But on the occasion of my baby boy's 14 month birthday, I will choose blogging tonight :) Henry has been a busy, busy boy growing up right before my eyes. I don't have any actual stats on him since he doesn't go back to the Dr until 15 months but I do have some fun updates on some of Henry's antics.

Eating: Henry is down to one bottle a day and drinks milk, juice and water from a sippy cup pretty well. He can also drink from a straw. This came as quite a shock to me one day when I was letting him chew on the straw to my Starbucks cup and he sipped up a bit of coffee! He is my child because he went right for another sip! He likes fruit pretty well. We have tried all kinds but he seems to prefer peaches, pears and mandarin oranges the best. He is also ok with his veggies. Again we have tried lots but he likes green beans, peas, corn and sometimes broccoli if it is in some mac and cheese ;) He is not a big fan of meat so I have to smuggle that in his mac and cheese as well. He loves bread, chips, pasta, waffles, pretty much all carbs! Again, totally my child. He also loves his nightly popsicle, which he adorably calls a pop-pop. He is also a big fan of caramel pudding :)

Getting around: Henry is still primarily crawling. He CAN walk and does when we encourage him or stand him up. It is just faster for him to crawl so that is what he does most often. We are working on getting him to walk more but it's looking like it may still be a while before he does it on his own with regularity. Henry is also climbing up on EVERYTHING. He can get himself up on the couch, the kitchen chairs and the rocking chair and ottoman in his room. He has this move that he does on the rocking ottoman where he will get up on it on all fours and rock! He looks like he is ready for the rodeo! Henry even tries to climb up on us. He will come over to one of us and put his leg up as if he is trying to climb us and will grunt until we pick him up. It's slightly annoying but cute enough so that it doesn't matter.

Talking: Henry can say quite a few words now. You just have to know what he is talking about. He can say: mama, dada, pop-pop, tree, pool, Daisy, bubbles, down, peas, cheese, zoo... I am sure I am forgetting some. Henry is also getting really good at his signing. He can sign: milk, more, please, mama, dada, light and all done. He is super good at this one and sometimes signs all done before he's even starting eating if it is something he doesn't like! Stinker! We are working on a few more and some of his signs sort of look the same but I think for 14 months, he is doing pretty good!

Reading: Yep, Henry can read! Just kidding! Truthfully though, Henry does LOVE books. And I do mean LOVE! He will ask to read the same few books over and over again. His favorites right now are Llama Llama Misses Mama and Bubbles, Bubbles. He recognized the covers, asks for the books by name, brings them over to me and will not rest until I have read both of these books at least once or twice. He enjoys turning the pages, looking at the pictures and a couple special characters even get kisses on his favorite pages! It is seriously so adorable!

Sleeping: We are doing pretty good here. Henry goes down about 8:00 every night and sleeps fairly soundly throughout the night. He has been teething yet again so we have had a few bumpy nights. Henry is also quite an early riser. And if you know me, you know how much I love me some sleep! Clearly, no one explained this to baby Henry. He is usually up between 5:30 and 6:00 every. single. morning. Yes, even weekends, D’oh! I do love going to pick him up from his crib and bring him in to our room to cuddle with us in the mornings. He is so cute that it makes it ok getting up that early... most times ;)

Basic stuff: Henry is wearing mostly 18 month clothes. He wears a size four diaper and size four shoe... interesting. Right now, he has six teeth on top and four on the bottom. We are pretty sure he is working on two more on the top and two more on the bottom. He is tall for his age, not sure exactly how tall. He is a skinny fella, probably no more than 20 pounds.

Fun stuff: Henry is a very happy baby. He loves to play with his toys, go swimming, be outside, go for car rides, go shopping, hit up Starbucks, be chased and tickled, playing peek-a-boo, playing in the Tupperware cabinets, taking a shower, helping mama with laundry and dishes. Henry is also a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When he hears that theme song, the hot dog song or even just sees Mickey, he squeals with delight! He even does the hot dog dance! It is so cute! Henry gives the best hugs and kisses too :)

I could go on and on about this sweet little boy. I just love him to pieces! I can’t believe it has already been 14 months since this little joy came into our lives. He certainly is a challenge, for sure! But I love my boy and am so happy to have him in my life. He makes things fun and interesting to say the least!

Since I am a loser and have no new pictures on my computer yet and my camera is at school (arghgh!) I will have to settle for uploading a video.

We got Henry some magnetic letters for the fridge and the teacher in me just started naming the letters as he brought them to me. Most of the letters he could care less about. Until I got to the O. He started saying “O” and making the cutest face! I just about died laughing! Here is Henry getting ready for Kindergarten ;)


Ami said...

I LOVE THE O Face!! Adorable! Happy 14 month birthday!

Anabelle said...

I choose Henry to be in my class! :)