Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Henry walks!!!!

The big day finally arrived! I had been expecting this day since April really. That was about the time that Henry starting pulling himself up and cruising the furniture. I think it took him so long to take these first steps on his own because he was afraid of falling. He also just needed a really big audience! James and I had gone down to Sierra Vista to spend the day with my family. My brother Chris and his family were getting ready to move to Las Cruses and we wanted to say goodbye. My whole family was there, including Henry's two baby cousins who are about the same age as he is. They were both walking. I figured they would be a good influence on Henry, and they were! The whole family was gathered in the living room for a quick prayer and when my dad had finished, I set Henry down. James and I were sitting across from each other, but not by very far. When I set him down, I said, go see dada. Now usually, no matter how far away he is, Henry would get down and crawl over. NOT THIS TIME!!! He started taking teeny little steps over to James, all on his own! It wasn't very far, maybe only five or seven steps, but he did it! Not holding on to the furniture or me, but all by himself! We were getting ready to go at this point so all the cameras were put away so I don't have the actual first steps on camera. I tried right afterwards that same day too but he wasn't in to performing for the camera. The next day, I had to resort to big time bribery (Capri Sun!) to get even a few steps on film. It's not the best quality but please enjoy my baby boy's teeny steps!

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amy said...

Oh~~He is so so cute~~