Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Christmas in March?!?

Why not? Better late than never, right? This post is going to be a giant cluster of random pictures from between Christmas break and spring break. It's the only way to catch up!

Ok, first up Christmas! Henry celebrated his second Christmas :) He REALLY enjoyed the tree and ran every morning to turn on the lights. It was the highlight of his day. This is our tree in our new house.

We went down to Sierra Vista to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my family. We got Henry an adorable suit complete with vest, tie and even a little hankie! I had a really hard time finding shoes for him so we decided that it would be cute for Henry to wear his new Converse tennis shoes with his suit. I was skeptical but it turned out so adorable! Here he is in front of the tree at my parents' house.

Family picture at church :)

James and Henry, so cute in their suits :)

Emily, Erin and me

James decided to get baptized on Christmas Eve. I was so proud of him!

Ready for bed on Christmas Eve in our special Christmas Mickey PJs. Seriously, how cute is this kid??? :)

Opening his stocking from nana and papa on Christmas morning. Not sure what all this stuff was, but he sure enjoyed it :)

This was the best we could do trying to get the two boys to stand still for a picture. Henry and Sean with nana at Christmas day service at church.

Back to the house for PRESENTS! I didn't get too many pictures because I was really enjoying Henry opening all his presents. He really tore into them and got excited for all his gifts. Here he is opening his animals with James.

Opening more with me... notice the death grip he has on that giraffe!

Opening the BIG giraffe!

AWWW! :)

Maybe you could gather that Henry likes animals? Well nana knows that too. So she got Henry a rocking chair with animals all over it. We had to wait until we got home to give it to Henry because we needed to put it together. Henry, of course, loved playing in the box!

Ta-da! Animal rocker all done and Henry LOVES it :)

That does it for Christmas 2012! Good times for sure and from what I hear, it will just keep getting better as Henry gets older :)

Next up, out to dinner!

I got a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory for Christmas, so I had to use that bad boy right away! Henry had so much fun as this was the first time he got to sit in a booster instead of a high chair. (Sniff, sniff) My baby is growing up!

What a big boy!

He also had fun using a fork to eat his bread ;) So cute!

And for some reason, during dinner, Henry started kissing my hand! I like to think it is because he loves me so much but in reality, he was probably just buttering me up so I would put him down! :) Either way, adorable!

Ok, the next few pictures really are just from random times but I wanted to share them nonetheless.

Can you spot the baby?

How sweet is this face???

I am sure Henry will hate me for this one when he gets older but I couldn't resist.

Henry in my sparkly pink Converse :)

Along the same lines, what little boy doesn't love playing with mama's makeup?

Kinda looks like he got beat up but that is blue eye shadow on his face!

On to Valentine's Day! Now I have never really liked Valentine's day but now that I have Henry, it forces me to see things differently. Like how Valentine's day is an opportunity for crafts and pictures! I didn't do so well here but at least I tried! :)

Henry made an elephant valentine for James :)

Snow day! While I was at work one day, it snowed! Being the good auntie that she is, Emily took Henry out to explore the snow :) He had a ball!!!

What is this white stuff??

By the time I got home, it had mostly melted but Henry didn't mind! He kept touching it and saying, oooooh cold!

Then of course, he tried to eat it! Don't worry, it wasn't yellow :)

More randomness. One day while I was doing laundry, Henry decided that he wanted to put on dada's shirt. Ok why not? I tried to get a picture but he just would not cooperate (strange!). So I put him in my lap and tickled him.

Jackpot! Look at that smile :)

Rodeo break!!! I love rodeo break. It is at a perfect time of year and this year we got the added bonus of some really great friends visiting! So what do you do with four great friends and three toddlers? Peter Piper Pizza of course! The kids ran around and we just tried to keep up!

Jenn and Katie, Aimee, me and Henry, Victoria and Tyler.

The three amigos!

Rodeo break was full of kids this year! My school friends and I got together too! We decided on the zoo since the weather was fantastic! This was the first time that all of us had been together with all our kids. Crazy!

Jaxon, Reese, Colton, Ethan, Ava, Hunter, Brody, Delaney, Brinley and Henry :)

Ami, Anabelle, Mary, Nicole and me. All with our respective munchkin(s). Between the five of us, we have NINE kids! How did that happen?!?

My little boy :)

Me and Henry :)

On to spring break! Over the break, I have tried really hard to keep Henry busy. One of his favorite things to do it to "help" make cookies! I love how he even knows what to do with the cookie dough!



Eat :)
Whew! I did it! I finally blogged and got caught up! Now the trick will be keeping caught up... Wish me luck :)

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