Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I love Easter! Almost as much as I love Christmas. I love the colors, the clothes, the fun and let's face it, the candy is awesome! It seems like things just keep getting more fun as Henry gets older. Last year, Henry wasn't even walking yet and this year he's walking, talking and getting into all kinds of trouble :)

Henry and I started our day driving down to good ol' SV on our own. James was headed to Phoenix to see a Diamondbacks game. We had bought the tickets before we realized it was Easter. Whoops! Oh well, he and his brothers had a good time. That left me with my baby boy :)

When we arrived at my parents' house, I quickly changed Henry into his fancy church clothes and headed to church. Henry was pretty good for the church service. Well, as good as can be expected for an almost two year old to sit through an hour long church service. My favorite part was during the sermon. Henry had spotted the American flag that was up by the altar and insisted on going to see it. I promised him he could AFTER we listened to papa. Henry very loudly announced, "NO listen to papa! Go see flag!!!" Ooooh yikes! It was really hard not to laugh at that!

After church we tried to take some pictures. Yeah, Henry was so not into sitting still, looking at the camera or cooperating after sitting for an entire hour. I couldn't blame him. So we did our best :)

Mama and baby :)

I love this face!!! And I love his sweater vest :) He looks just like a little Chandler Bing :)

Then we tried taking some pictures of the kids. Sean was not into taking pictures either. So we had to corral Sean and Henry by putting Starla on one side and my mom on the other.

So Cute!! :)

I love the angelic look on Henry face. As if two seconds before this was snapped, he wasn't running amok around a church!

I think this was the closest we got to everyone looking at the camera and sorta smiling :)

After church, we went home to eat some lunch (well the kids actually ate lunch, the grown ups ate junk food! Hey, it was a holiday!) and the kids took naps. After nap time, it was play time!

Henry and Sean playing nicely... for the most part :)

Sean enjoyed pushing Henry down the slide.

Then we had dinner, which I took zero pictures of. Damn. Oh well. Then Henry and I packed up some good eats and headed back home to see James. We couldn't open Henry's Easter basket without dada so we did that when we got home.

Not sure why he needed to wear his sunglasses to open his loot but it's pretty cute :)

When Henry figured out that you could open the eggs and there was chocolate inside... oh boy!!! He busted open all the eggs he could find and started gobbling up candy faster than we could catch him!


This stuff is awesome!

We had to hide those eggs so he would focus on the rest of the stuff in the basket.

Not impressed with the Peeps... or anything really after the eggs were gone ;)

We had a very nice Easter :) It should be even more fun next year when hopefully my older brother and his family will be able to join us! They just recently welcomed a new baby boy into their family and were unable to make the trip. We are excited to meet the newest addition to the Spencer clan, little Logan, very soon :)

The next two pictures have nothing to do with Easter but they were taken the next day and were too cute not to share!

James found a little baby lizard while working in the backyard and wanted to show Henry. Now Henry had seen a lizard in the backyard before and became obsessed with seeing it again. For some reason he kept calling the lizard a hippo! Very funny! So when James showed this little "hippo" to Henry, he was thrilled!!!

Henry checking out the baby "hippo."

Henry even let James put the lizard on his shirt :) It's kinda hard to see because Henry is trying to run away and the lizard is so small but it's there!

Our next big adventure will be getting new (fake) grass put in our backyard :) I am so happy we are finally getting this done because Henry LOVES to be outside and this will be so great for him to play on! It will be an amazing birthday present for a special little boy who will be (GULP!) TWO next month!!!! :)

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