Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday boy!!!

Today is Henry's second birthday! It seems like just yesterday that I met that tiny, little baby boy and now he is TWO! I remember the day (well actually, the night) that Henry was born so clearly. It was such a long process and I was so exhausted, but the minute I saw that adorable baby boy, I fell in love and my life changed forever. It has been a whirlwind of fun-filled chaos but I wouldn't change it for the world! I love that boy more than life itself :) He makes our life complete. Here is a look back :) 

First time James held Henry

My first time holding Henry. I think I was still in shock. He was just so PERFECT! 

First family photo! I look fantastic ;) 

 Skip ahead to Henry's first birthday! I like this family picture much better :) Look at the smile on that boy's face! How could you not just love him to pieces?! 

 Henry's first birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza :) Good times! 

Tomorrow (I hope!) there will be pictures from today's festivities :) Happy birthday to my sweet and precious baby boy! From what I hear, the two's are NOTHING compared to the three's so I am going to try to enjoy this year as much as I can :) Fun times ahead!!!


Anabelle said...

Happy birthday Henry!

Yes, Sarah, enjoy those twos 'cause they ain't got nothin' on the threes OR fours!

Henry did have a perfect little face as a newborn. :)

Anabelle said...
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