Friday, September 27, 2013

Catching up and a little baby shower

Fall break is here!!! Yippee!! That means a few things for me this year: 1. I am done with work until January! 2. I get to spend more quality time with my baby boy. 3. Sometime in the next week or so, we will welcome our baby girl! Good times :) Right now we are waiting.... and waiting... and waiting. While we wait for baby girl to arrive, we are trying to keep busy. I'd like to spend as much time as I can with Henry as I know that time will be severely limited very soon. So we have been going on special outings, having breakfasts and lunches together, cooking and baking and just having fun :) Here are just a few pics of our adventures.

James built Henry a fort out of boxes. 

 He had sooooo much fun! 

 How do you not LOVE this face?!?

 Henry hitching a ride on daddy's leg. 


We made some chocolate chip cookies. Henry's favorite part of baking is licking the beaters. Yeah, I know he shouldn't eat raw cookie dough because it has raw eggs, blah, blah, blah. But hey, I did it when I was a kid and I'm pretty sure I'm ok ;) Plus, raw cookie dough is freakin' delicious!!! 

Cookie dough all over the face. 

 Not sure what is going on here. 

 Seriously adorable. 

Henry has a giant container of blocks. One day he was dumping out the blocks and pushed a bit too hard on the bottom of it. The bottom completely came out thus creating a hollowed out cylinder. So what did he decide to do with it? Crawl in it of course! I didn't think he would fit but sure enough he did! Then he decided that he looked like a robot and pretended for the rest of the day to BE a robot. He talked like a robot and acted like a robot. He even used being a robot to get out of doing things. For example, I told him it was time for dinner and he told me, in his best robot voice: I am a robot and robots do not eat dinner. How do you argue with that!? 

My little robot.  

 Cheesy smile :) 

I had asked James to install the baby seat in my car, you know, just in case she actually decided to come out sometime soon. So he took the opportunity to clean my car. Henry just HAD to help. What a good little helper :) 

Last weekend, my mom and sisters threw me a baby shower. I wasn't sure about having a baby shower with my second baby but everyone assured me that it was ok because I was having a girl and needed some cute girl clothes! Can't argue with that! So my mom and sisters spent the weekend cooking yummy food and cleaning my house for me. SCORE! We had a lovely little shower for baby Spencer :) 

The cake from Nadine's, YUM! So pretty and so delish! 

My friend, Lorena, came prepared with some fun games for us to play. One involved smelling diapers to figure out the scent in the diaper. So fun but seemed so wrong to be sniffing diapers so intently! 

Ami trying to get a good whiff.  

 Hanging with all my girls. 

 More diaper sniffing. 

Time to open presents! I had LOTS of help :)  

 Look at this cute mama and baby!!! 

 Henry pauses from playing with his friends to eat some cake! 

 We got such cute girlie things for baby Spencer :) 

 This picture cracks me up! Cute picture of me and my mom and check out the TV! Awesome :) 

 I thought this outfit was ridiculously adorable :) 

 Lorena also made a super cute diaper cake for us. Thank you!! 

Thank you so much to everyone who came for our little shower :) 

As of now, we will probably be meeting our baby girl sometime within the next week or so. At our last check-up she was already 6 lbs 8 oz! She could come any day now but the doctors think we will probably go to our due date and most likely need another c-section. I had figured on this but I'm still holding out hope that maybe she will come on her own. We are ready either way. We are excited to meet this little girl and we are excited to see what an amazing big brother Henry will be :) 

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