Friday, October 4, 2013

Pretty as a picture

I can't believe I forgot to post these amazing pictures! My friend Meridy took some maternity pics for us and let me tell you, she is AMAZING! These pictures are just beautiful and fully capture my little family at this point in time. I'm so thankfully we were able to take these pictures so we can remember our last few days as a family of three :)

Look at Henry's coy little smile! 

 Kissing mama's belly :) 

 Listening for baby sister. 

 Two things I love about this picture: 1. Henry's grip on James's face. 2. My sunglasses in James's back pocket! 

 These pics are awesome! Meridy asked Henry to just hold James's leg and Henry slide down all the way and sat on James's foot! Too cute! 

 Cheesy smile :) 


 LOVE my boy <3 p="">

 Love my BOYS! 

 I love the pics of just me and James too. It's been a while since we had pics with just us :) 

 Henry is telling us something VERY important here ;) 

 Henry giggles every time he feels his baby sister move around. 

 Hard to pick a favorite, but I think this might be it! 

 Henry was a bit done with pics by this point, so we just let him run around and we tried to catch him :) 

 Such cute pictures of Henry by himself. Not sure what he is looking at here but it is super interesting. 

Again, awesome pics, thank you Meridy!!! The next time we get pictures taken, we will be a family of four, crazy! :) 

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