Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spencer comes home

I'm going to back track a bit and share some more pics of Spencer from the hospital and the day she came home :) 

Chillin' in her bassinet. 

 The second day we were in the hospital, Henry came for another visit. 

 Loves his baby (as he calls her). 

 I lover her too :) 

 Seriously, look at all that hair! 

By the third day, I was sooooo ready to go home. I wasn't feeling great, but I needed to be home with both my babies. Plus, it seemed every time we got Spencer fed and sleeping, someone would barge in to check on one of us. At one point on the second night there, we had three different people come in our room in the middle of the night at three different times when we were all sleeping! Talk about not restful! Anyway, we convince my Dr to let me go home and after getting everything ready, we were homeward bound, yippee!! 

Of course, Spencer had to get all dolled up to go home :)  

 Just look at this precious outfit my mom got for her! 

 How cute is she?!? 

 Henry brought Spencer a Minnie Mouse.

 I want to bite those cheeks!! 

 This one is for you nana! 

 Holding my hand. 

 She looked so tiny in her carseat. 

 Are we there yet? 

 My mom got to ride in back with Spencer. 

 Henry was super excited that baby sister was home! 

 Ugh, don't look too closely at me in these pics, I feel like the floor of a taxi cab. 

 Nana needs to get some loves in too! 

 Auntie Em's turn! 

 This one kills me. Emily was rocking with Spencer and Henry wanted to rock with them too! 

 Rough day, huh Spencer? 

 I can't for the life of me remember why Henry isn't wearing a shirt here but he was so excited to finally hold baby sister. 

 Ah, now he's wearing pj's, perhaps he was on the way to bed? 

 Tummy time! Check out the cute zebra pants! 

 Henry loves tummy time way more than Spencer! 

 A common sight these days :) 

 Henry built me a castle and I HAD to take a picture! 

 Random cute sleeping baby picture. 

 Spencer's first bath.

 She was not impressed but didn't scream bloody murder either. I'd call that a success :) 

Next up, baptism pictures! 

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