Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spencer's newborn pictures

When Henry was ten days old, we packed him up and took him to Sears to get his newborn pics done. They were ok, but super expensive and it totally freaked me out to take my ten day old baby to a public place when he was so little. With Spencer, we lucked out! Our friend Meridy came TO OUR HOUSE to take Spencer's newborn pics! It was so much better! We were able to keep Spencer at home AND get great pictures. It was so much less stressful and we got MUCH better pictures! Thank you sooooo much Meridy! Warning: Tons of pics ahead! 

Feeding baby girl so she will be happy for her pictures :) 

 Henry had been sick for the past couple days with a 100 + fever so he wasn't feeling all that well :( 

 For nana :) 

 A smile from Henry :) 

 I love her fluffy hair! 

 Love this little girl! 

 My little family! Complete now with our little girl. 

 Henry just absolutely ADORES his baby sister! 

 Love that cheesy smile!

 My babies :) 

 Spencer was tickling Henry :) He loved it. 

Look at Henry's piercing blue eyes! We are curious to see if Spencer's eyes stay blue or turn brown. 

Me and my girl. 

 Daddy and his daughter. 

 Love this one, so cute! 

 So precious! 

 This might just be my absolute favorite :) She is sooooo dang cute!!! 

 Time for an outfit change :) 

 I love Henry's face in the background ;) 

 Spencer was wide awake for the entire photo session! 

 Little bundle of joy! 

So happy we got these pictures done with Meridy. The pictures are amazing and it was so easy! Thanks again Meridy!!! You are amazing! :) 

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Anabelle said...

The pictures of Henry & Spencer are heart melting. Every brother needs a baby sister in their lives!