Monday, November 11, 2013

Spencer's baptism

Since Spencer was born on a Monday, I figured that we could do her baptism the following Sunday, October 13th. Well, you know what they say about God and plans! I was feeling ok for the trip but Henry had gotten a fever the night before. It turns out he developed roseola, something I had never heard of. So he was not up for the trip down to SV to my dad's church for the baptism. Booo! But we had already planned for the service at the church and needed to go forward with it. James stayed home with Henry while my mom drove me and Spencer down for the service. We were sad to be missing half of our family for the service but it was for the best. Henry and James had a nice low key day watching foot ball :) 

My mom had saved my baptism gown from when I was a baby and we dressed Spencer in it for her baptism. It was so cute! We took a million pictures of the sweet baby girl in the adorable gown. Thanks mom for saving my gown and thanks Em for taking the pictures again! 

My baby girl in my baptism gown :) 

 There was a gown, bonnet and blanket. Oh so sweet! 

Out of respect for the church service, we didn't take pictures during the baptism. We did record the entire thing though so that Henry and James could see it later. Spencer did really well for the entire service. She didn't cry while being sprinkled with water like her brother did! She was pretty calm for the whole thing! Amazing :) 

The church

 The banner the church made for Spencer. 

After the service, we took a million more pictures :) 

Me and my baby girl. 

 My mom, who is also Spencer's godmother :) 

 Me and my parents with my baby. 

 Think my parents like her? 

 Auntie Em and Spencer

 Auntie Zee Zee (Erin) and Spencer

 Auntie Kenya and Spencer

 Spencer's cake... Yum!!! 

 Spencer and papa watching football :) 

 Thank you everyone who helped make my baby girl's day special! It was so beautiful :)

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