Thursday, January 2, 2014

Halloween... yes I know it's January!

So I've been a little busy with my new baby girl and my three year old. Now I need to catch up because I go back to work in three days!!! The last blog I did was on Spencer's baptism in early October so Halloween is the next big thing :)

We tried the costumes on the kids the day before, just to be sure they fit right. Spencer's was too big and Henry's was too small but we decided to still go with them because we didn't want to spend more money and we figured it would be ok for a short time trick-or-treating.

Here's my little Jake and Snow White. Spencer is wearing footie pjs underneath to help keep her warm and help the costume fit better :) 

 Who's the fairest of them all? :) 

 Spencer had a full head of dark hair when she was born. After her baths, her hair would get super fluffy. Hence, her nickname was born... Fluffer-head and lots of variations of this, fluffy, fluffers, fluffs, etc... So flippin' adorable!!! :)


 Have I mentioned how much Henry LOVES his baby sister? Well, he does! 

 Cheesy smile. 

 It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!!! 

Halloween night we went low-key and just went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Henry has a bunch of little friends in the neighborhood so he was psyched! 

Jake and the Neverland pirates and ME! 

 I REALLY didn't want her to get cold. So she is wearing footie pjs and socks :) Then I covered her with a blanket. 

 James dressed as Woody :) 

 Off we went! 

 First house. Henry loved ringing the doorbells. 

 Spencer had fun riding in her stroller and sleeping :) 

 This guy's mask was totally creepy but Henry didn't care, he wanted candy! 

 I wish I would have gotten a picture of the doorbell that had a skeleton with a spider that popped out of its mouth. It scared him but he LOVED and thought every doorbell after that would do the same thing. He still talks about to this day! 


 We didn't last too long, but Henry got tons of candy and he was a happy guy! 

We hung out at home the rest of the night and handed out candy. Spencer's first Halloween was great. People kept giving her candy because she was so cute, so guess who got that candy?! Hell yeah :) Good times! 

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