Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring break 2015

We usually don't do much for spring break since James doesn't get a lot of time off and we don't have the funds to travel. However, this year James didn't take time off over winter break shoe had some time off and my parents graciously offered us their little bungalow in San Diego. So we were able to take a little mini-vacation the first week of my spring break! Yippee!! The car ride over wasn't nearly as bad as the trip we took last October. Spencer HATED being in the car last time but she was better this time. 

First stop, Yuma for some yummy burritos. 

 Ahh! Napping baby :) 

 We made it! Henry calls this the turtle house and he LOVES it here :) 

 Dinner time means Jeff burgers! Yum again :) 

 Either the kids super loved the beach or were just jazzed to be out of the car :) 

 The weather was so nice that Henry and I had breakfast on the back patio like every day. 

 Went down to Shell Beach and saw some baby seals! 

 Henry loves finding shells. 

 We went to Seaport village for the afternoon. Henry loves the carousel. 

 Spencer was NOT feeling the horses so I sat with her on the bench. 

 Family pic by the fountain. 

 I just love her little outfit! 

 Had lunch at the Harbor House. It was up above the harbor and Henry kept saying, "Thank you so much mama! I can't believe we are having lunch on the ceiling!! This is so fun!!" Adorable! 

 The kids loved the hot tub at the turtle house. 

 The next morning we took the kids to the little park by the house. 

 Had lunch at Boudin's and they gave the kids a cute little sourdough fish! 

 Afternoon at the beach. 

 Henry wanted to build a sand castle but had way more fun digging holes and getting buried :) 

 Baby had so much fun that she had to lay down and rest ;) 

 Maybe she was cold, tired, who knows! But she stayed this way for a while! 

 So cute! 

The next morning we took the kids to the Sunny Jim Cave. The last time we were here was when Henry was about six weeks old. 

 Be still my heart! 

 Another afternoon at the beach. 

 Lazy evening reading, 

 and lounging by the pool.

 Next morning we hit up Balboa Park. 

 So many cool, old buildings and museums. We didn't actually go IN any but the outsides were pretty cool! 

 We stumbled upon a St. Patrick's Day parade. The kids enjoyed the motorcycles the best! 

 Spencer REALLY wanted to get on this one! 

 She liked the horses too. 

 The ladies were even nice enough to let her pet them! Henry was not interested. 

 Henry's favorite part was the carousel! He named this bird Kevin :) 

 Spencer felt comfortable enough to get on a horse this time :) 

 Happy boy! 

 Henry went for another round. 

 Baby and I sat this one out. She was getting tired. 

 We had dinner on Mission Beach. 

 Then back to La Jolla for our last spring break sunset. 

 Got my hands full! 

 Saying good bye to the ocean. 

 Not happy to leave the turtle house :( We'll be back this summer :) 

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