Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring break catch-up

Enjoy this giant photo dump to catch up on everything since New year's. It is super random but still really cute :) 

Spencer loving on her brother. 

 Henry playing at his friend Madelyn's second birthday party. 

 Birthday girl! 

 Baby playing with bubbles. 

 Henry driving Spencer in his Power Wheels, gave me a little anxiety attack to let this happen! 

 A glimpse in to my future? 

 Valentine's day baby :) 

 She hates having her picture taken, not sure why. 

 Love this picture! Such a goofy girl :) 

 We celebrated Auntie Em's 23rd birthday. Like the cake? My idea ;) 

 Waiting for cake is hard!!! 

 Helping auntie open her presents. 

 I think baby is ready for her birthday :) 

 She was almost able to blow out the candle! 

 Baby is truly a chick of the times, she loves taking selflies :) 

 I tried to get a picture of the kids reading together but baby bailed. 

 The kids were being crazy and hungry, solution? Lucky charms and Cheetos! ;) 

 Baby stole my shades. 

 Buzz and Bullseye 

 Me and my babies! 

 We took the kids to the zoo and Henry rode the camel! 

 Spencer fed the giraffe. 

 Henry fed the giraffe too. 

 Playing the drums. 

 Baby loved all the birds. 

 We went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate James's birthday. 

 Papa came to visit. 

 More fun baby selflies 

 Baby reading :) She LOVES books! 

 Baby pigtails!!! I am in LOVE :) 

 James teaching Henry how to play chess. 

 Wud up G? 

 Oh these two! 

 Trying to do a 17 month old's hair is quite challenging. 

 But so cute! 

 Celebrating daddy's birthday, again. 

Part one done, spring break coming up! 

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