Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Henry Xane Stoner

So I tried to write my labor and delivery story for the blog a couple days ago. I got maybe a quarter of the way through and broke down crying. Then every time friends or family would ask me about it, I would cry. Every time I even THINK about it, I cry. So, in conclusion, I'm thinking I will need to wait until the emotions of that day have subsided so I can write or talk about it. It truly was a very difficult few days. So instead, I will post some ADORABLE pictures of our son, Henry Xane :)

Here is our first family portrait right after I got out of surgery. I look awesome! ;)

Little Henry is exhausted from his journey.

Me and my baby boy.

Oh I jut love him SOOOOO much!

I finally took a shower and I felt a bit better! I love Henry's little footie pajamas!
Ok that does it for now. I have about 100 more pics I COULD post but I will space them out :)


Nicole said...

You did great! And now you are a mommy! I loved seeing both of you today.... can't wait to see more pictures.

Anabelle said...

Welcome to the Mama Club & Welcome to the world Henry! We are very happy you made it safe & sound and can't wait to watch you grow into a wonderful little boy!