Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tummy time!

Henry got his first taste of tummy time just yesterday. He had mixed feelings about it but the funniest part was Daisy. The floor is Daisy's domain. Anything that is on the floor or falls on the floor is fair game for Daisy so she was a bit confused.

Here is an awesome pic of me on the floor with Henry. Getting up from the floor was quite a challenge! Not sure I'll be doing tummy time with Henry until after I heal a bit more!

I do NOT like this!!

Ok maybe this is alright.

Here is Daisy, very confused as to what is going on... is this a toy, is he food, what is this???

What is that smell???

This part smells much better!

Hi daddy! :)


Adam and Samantha said...

ohhhh he is such a cutie! All that yucky stuff is totally worth everything that comes with being a mommy!! You look great, and don't worry you'll eventually get used to no sleep =)

Emily S. said...

Happy one week birthday, Henry!!! =D

Nicole said...

That is super cute!! Love the Tigger quilt!

Jaymee said...

He is soooo stinkin cute!!!! No worries, after a few months you will get used to the puffy stingy eyes: ) It will all be worth it; when he smiles for the first time, crawls to you, hugs you and then says "momma". You will melt away!!!!!!